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Welcome to hypnosisgoddess.com, where you can experience intensely blissful, real Femdom Hypnosis instantly, via mp3 download. This site sells My erotic, femdom hypnosis mp3s and videos, which anyone may purchase, download instantly, and enjoy at their leisure. (First time here? Read The About.) This site features My latest Twitter posts, news updates, including My latest mp3 releases, postings in My Public Blog, and a free eList that you may subscribe to here. In addition, dedicated hypnosubs may subscribe to My Private Subscription Site. For the Latest News in My Realm, check back here often and follow Me on Twitter.


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3/31/14 - NEW site design! Watch for more features, including a new layout for My blog and lots more entries!

3/14/14 - NEW mp3! “Erotic Hypnosis” sensual trance for men.

9/01/13 - NEW mp3! “Shopping Slave” erotic, findom hypnosis.