“i wish i had purchased ‘Instant Hypnoslave’ the very first time i visited Goddess’s site. Instead i waited and just thought about buying it “tomorrow or next week” As a result, i have been really missing out until now…”

HG-anim-allmymp3snowWelcome to hypnosisgoddess.com, where you can experience intensely blissful, real Femdom Hypnosis instantly, via virtual sessions. (First time here? Read The About.) This site features My original femdom hypnosis mp3s and videos, the highest quality erotic hypnosis recordings available anywhere. It also includes My latest Twitter posts, news updates, and postings in My Public Blog. Aspiring hypnosubs may get trained via My Hypnosub Boot Camp. (Subs who serve other Mistresses, I have hypnotic training here, just for you.) Get your daily dose of hypno bliss: visit this site often and follow Me on Twitter!

The Highest Quality Erotic Hypnosis MP3s Available:

All Hypnosis MP3s Menu Page: From erotic to Femdom HG-minipic-MP3and hypnosub training, to financial domination and intense hypnotic intoxication, all of My amazing hypnotic creations are listed on the menu page. Click each title for details and sound clips. [CRAVE!]

NEW! Hypnosub OS – Mindware Updater: My newest femdom HG-minipic-MP3hypnosis program is an automatic updater that will bring your sub brain current with the rules of My Realm, help you to better serve your Goddess, and make your trances deeper than ever before. You MUST HAVE this one! [NEED!]

Erotic Hypnosis MP3 – Sensual Trance for Men: For those HG-minipic-MP3interested in recreational hypnosis but not ready for dominance or submission. Contains an induction and deepeners, with suggestions for the listener to feel great and to become increasingly aroused. Purely erotic session, with no Femdom or financial domination commands or suggestions. [WANT!]

Submissive MP3 – Erotic Hypnosis for Male Subs: This program may be used by HG-minipic-MP3any male sub into hypnotic submission (including those who serve Me and those who don’t). It includes suggestions for intense arousal, loving the feeling of hypnosis and submission, serving your Mistress, and enjoying submission. [SUBMIT!]

Femdom Hypnosis SET of 3 MP3s: The most advanced trainingHG-minipic-MP3 programs for subs who serve other Mistresses: “Femdom Hypnosis”, “Queen Bee” and “Quick Submit”. Get conditioned via real hypnosis to become a more motivated and pleasing sub. Learn how to please and serve your Mistress without becoming addicted to My Voice. [YEARN!]

Blissful Hypnoslave SET of 3 MP3s: Immerse yourself in hypnotic submission HG-minipic-MP3with all three of the programs designed especially to condition new hypnosubs for service to Me. They’re seductive, sensual and filled with suggestions of control and Domination! You MUST HAVE the whole set NOW! [OBEY!]

Financial Domination SET of 4 Findom MP3s: Does Financial Domination pushHG-minipic-MP3 your fetish buttons? Experience real hypnosis and dangerously delicious erotic programming with this moneyslave training set! A set of 4 erotic findom conditioning mp3s. Includes: Instant Hypnoslave, Thriving Hive, Shopping Slave, and Tribute. [NEED!]

Hypnosub Boot Camp

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My Hypnosub Boot Camp is a private web site that contains 4+ weeks of exciting hypnosub training lessons and erotic assignments, plus months of access to page after page of Goddess Worship Shrines with hypnotic images and looping voice clips that you can bliss out to whenever you want. I have designed it for Maximum Addictiveness. It will condition you pleasurably, hypnotize you deeply, and train you to serve as My blissful worker bee. You will LOVE the Sublime Shrines and Addiction-Inducing Assignments in Boot Camp! Go sign up NOW!

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Hypnosis Goddess News Hypnosub Boot Camp Now Open For Hypnoslave Training! - Hypnoslave Training is now available inside My new Hypnosub Boot Camp! HBC is a members-only website that I designed to train and condition new hypnoslave candidates. Purchasing a membership gives you access for 3...
Hypnosis Goddess News Improved HG Shopping - Get Your Femdom Hypnosis on Niteflirt! As of December, 2014, I have uploaded all of My femdom hypnosis session MP3s and Videos to the new NiteFlirt “goody bags”. Effective immediately, NF is handling ALL...
Femdom Hypnosis MP3s Product Spotlight: Femdom Hypnosis MP3 - This product spotlight is on one of My more unusual mps: “Femdom Hypnosis”, which was created especially for male subs who serve other Dominas. Program Title: Femdom Hypnosis – Hypnotic Conditioning for Male Subs...

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04/04/16 – Hypnosub Boot Camp will close to new members on May 31, 2016.

12/30/15 – New MP3: Indoctrination 1 – Hypnosub Conditioning now available on NF! Details HERE!

12/01/14 – All of My MP3s and videos are now available via NiteFlirt as “goodies”! NF’s new goody bags allow for larger files, which means you’ll now get the exact same products (same length, same quality!) that you used to get from here. (And NF is very discreet!)