About The Hypnosis Goddess Site

Welcome to hypnosisgoddess.com, the virtual HQ of The Hypnosis Goddess, where you can experience intensely blissful, real Femdom Hypnosis instantly, via HG-anim-allmymp3snowvirtual sessions. The Hypnosis Goddess is an expert Femdom Hypnoteuse (which means a Female, Dominant Hypnotist). This is not a self-help or “vanilla” website. If you are looking for information about hypnotherapy or hypnosis stage shows, you are on the wrong website. This site is about the fetish for Femdom Hypnosis and it is completely separate from any other website run by The Hypnosis Goddess (or any other hypnotist). When you are on this website, the only type of hypnosis practiced or discussed is Femdom, and the only acceptable behavior from site visitors is submissive. Also, note: I do not offer hypnosis for feminization, sissies, or female subs* (see note at page bottom).

This site sells My high-quality, erotic, femdom hypnosis mp3s and videos, and features My latest Twitter posts, news updates, and postings in My Public Blog. Aspiring hypnosubs must follow This Regimen. (Subs who serve other Mistresses, I have hypnotic training here, just for you.) Get your daily dose of hypno bliss: visit this site often and follow Me on Twitter!

Purchasing My mp3s makes you a “customer”, not a hypnosub or hypnoslave, or even a hypnosub-in-training. Because I do not have time in My schedule to interact personally with every one of the thousands of customers this site attracts, I do not email (or Skype) with customers, except to provide necessary order support.

If you want the best results from My mp3s and if you truly wish to experience the ultimate, blissful hypnotic submission that I have become known for, the only way to achieve that is to follow This Regimen and to follow the posted MP3 Instructions.

*Note: I do have new mp3s for Femdom couples (Dominant Woman and submissive male), more about them HERE. Those programs are especially for customers who serve another Mistress (not Me). If you wish to train to serve Me, begin HERE.