Bewitching Hypno Witch Video

Flash Sample Player Bewitching ~ Magical, Hypno Witch Fantasy Video
{short, downloadable version} Do you fantasize about an alluring “hypno witch” or Hypnosis Mistress who casts an irresistible spell on you…? This is the video for you! “Bewitching” was created in a style I call “hypnofantasy” or “dream sequence”. It does *not* contain a formal induction, and I speak on camera only briefly (during the intro). Instead, this is a creative, edgy, overwhelming, flood of eye candy. Lots and lots of images and text commands. There is something for many fetishes: crystals, candles, hypno spirals, text triggers, sparkly jewelry, a swinging pocket watch, finger nails, gloves, legs, boots, cleavage, corsets, a flogger, lots of flowing blond hair, more cleavage, a crystal pendant, eyes, feather masks, still more cleavage—and all with a very witchy, gothic theme.

NOTE: My hypnosub programs are for MALES ONLY. I do NOT session with females or couples, and all of My erotic hypnosis programs were written for MALES. There is NO feminization on ANY of My programs.

For Best Results:
This video is for advanced hypnosis users and contains triggers that are set in My previous programs. It is strongly recommended that you train with My “Blissful  Hypnoslave SET” (all 3 of them) FIRST. After your basic training, you may enjoy this advanced video on its own (it has a very hypnotic and alluring custom audio track with My vocals and music), or mute the sound and set it to loop while you listen to one of My hypnotic mp3s (I suggest “Hypnospell 1: Candle Magick“.) Video with gothic, trance music and some hypnotic vocals. This production *is* hypnotic and requires the user’s complete, undivided attention…


IMPORTANT: Because it’s in WMV format, this program is recommended for Windows users only. I cannot and do not provide support for Mac users. (If you can figure it out on your own, feel free to do so, but I will not refund orders to Mac users who are unable to download the video.)

*Get “Bewitching” with “Hypnospell 1” mp3 in the Bewitching Set!*

Bewitching WMV Video File • Approx. 12 mins.

Customer Comments:
» “What a mistake, waiting to order ‘Bewitching’! This is by far and away one of the best productions of Our Goddess’s so far. See Her pulling you to Her with Her wonderful beckoning hands. Melt to Her sensuous, captivating voice and be enthralled by Goddess’s commands. If you have done your homework and listened to Goddess’s MP3s like a good boy, this video will have an instant and very likable effect on you. She is beautiful beyond belief and you will love Her in Her corsets. i’m betting you will just FALL for Her even more and more in the future. Set aside some time every day to watch and be entranced and learn what a pleasure it is to submit to Your Goddess…”

» “There’s something to be said for a woman who can totally and utterly enthrall your attention and devotion via Her voice alone. Our Domina is THE one and only hypnosis goddess; Her .mp3 programs are example of Her mesmerizing voice and mastery of hypnosis. Her pictures are proof enough that She is hauntingly gorgeous, but to view Her in ‘Bewitching’  is a luxurious feast for the senses; Her voice and image take you deep, deep down, leaving you with a burning desire for Her control. If you have taken the time to train with Her level one programs, purchase this video, better yet, the Bewitching SET. The quality of production is excellent as always and Goddess graces us with Her figure in exquisitely seductive outfits that are just as mesmerizing as Her beautiful eyes and velvety voice. You’ll find Her blissful triggers involved throughout the video as She captivates your mind and takes you under Her dominance. For those who are familiar with H. Rider Haggard’s ‘She’, Goddess is the living embodiment of Ayesha. Be forewarned, this video will bewitch you and linger in your thoughts for hours afterwards.”

» “The production values were way above my expectations…You didn’t sound like you were talking inside a tin can, so Your voice was as clear and alluring as always. The camera work was also very good, zooming in and out, capturing You being bewitching, even going at angles to add to the confusion, captivation and concentration of Your hypnosubs. And of course, the overall editing—wow! The way the spoken and printed words combined perfectly with the pictures, adding spirals, Your always enchanting music—all put together in a way to completely captivate Your (not-so-) unsuspecting hypnosubs. And then, the content itself…oh…my…Goddess… Yes, feeling rather addicted to Your corsets, captivated by Your cleavage, melting, knowing You are my one true Goddess, pendants, crystals, candles, submitting, pleasing You, ahhhh…yessss… Thank You again for a wonderful first video experience! i know i am looking forward to many more!”

» “i recently bought Your incredible ‘Bewitching’ video. It is so captivating i had to pursue submitting to You. Obviously You have great beauty & s-xy outfits, but i noticed much more. I felt enormous power in Your Voice: soothing, seductive & compelling. As You lured me in with Your hands, i felt You pull my will right from me, along with any resistance i might have had. Haunted by You, craving more, i had no choice but to buy Your first MP3…”

» “i can say after viewing ‘Bewitching’, WOW! It is immediately evident the work You put into creating, editing, and producing this video by the high quality of sound and imaging in the video. This is very well done and You did an extraordinary job bringing this video to life. Very witchy, very hypnotic, very powerful…You are absolutely stunning. i love Your enchanting eyes, Your soft flowing hair, jewelry, and beautiful cloak. i really like watching You work Your hypnotic candle magick and as i focus deeper into the flame and my subconscious reads Your flash messages all i can do is fall deeper and deeper under Your spell…i highly recommend this to anyone who has any doubts about hypnosis, magick, Your power, talent, and skill to enchant and enslave anyone, anytime, anywhere…”

» “A resounding ‘brilliant’ for the ‘Bewitching’ video! It is all that was promised and more. i sat enrapt and wholly enthralled for the entire production. Your beauty and power radiate from the screen and serve to deepen my submission through their pull…i have been drawn to view it in short segments many times. If nothing else, seeing You has given me a tangible target for my continued and deepening submission. Thank You so very much for this…”

»”i was extremely impressed by Your first video effort. It is a throughly professional and enchanting product that completely meets Your consistently high standards. i was especially struck by the high resolution of the video, as well as the effective use of the graphics and sound. The editing was also excellent, with virtually seamless transitions between shots. Very well done. Your beauty is overwhelming, as usual…”

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