Blissful Hypnoslave MP3s SET


Blissful Hypnoslave MP3s Set — 3 Amazing & Intense Hypnosub Training Programs

SET of 3 MP3s: Instant Hypnoslave, Bliss Boost & Trance Tamer
Ready to experience real hypnosis and fantastic BLISS…? Then begin your hypnosub conditioning with this incredible set of hypnoslave mp3s. These are My three newest, most advanced hypnotic domination training programs, and this set is what I currently recommend to those new to hypnotic submission (or new to My Realm). I require all potential hypnosubs to order and condition with these three programs before joining. Set includes 1 each of My 3 latest, most advanced hypnosub training programs: “Instant Hypnoslave”, “Bliss Boost” and “Trance Tamer” at a special SET price.

Instant Hypnoslave – Concentrated Conditioning

I created this mp3 in response to numerous requests for a shorter, more intense conditioning program. (It may be used instead of “Hypnosub 1”.) This is the perfect mp3 to start with for all new hypnosubs. It begins with a long, thorough induction (with multiple deepeners) and contains many hypnotic commands for deepening, ease and speed of trance, addiction to My Voice, and highly pleasurable sessions. This program will *train you to enter hypnosis* in a deliciously blissful way. It is soothing, sensual, and gently dominant. It will increase your cravings for My Voice and My Hypnosis. Guided hypnosis with soft music in the background. *Adults only.* Not to be listened to while driving!

Sample Clip of “Instant Hypnoslave”:

Bliss Boost – MP3 Maximizer

Bliss is the new trance! Bliss Boost, “The MP3 Maximizer” is a “trance tune-up”. It will intensify all of your sessions, especially those with My MP3s, making them deeper, more vivid, and far more pleasurable. It was designed to follow “Instant Hypnoslave”, but may also be used after conditioning with My “Hypnosub Set”. ‘Bliss Boost’ continues to build on the conditioning in ‘Instant Hypnoslave’, using a faster, shorter version of that induction. It will train your mind to reach a deeper level of trance, faster. It contains a highly effective visualization and potent hypnotic commands for deepening, ease and speed of trance, addiction to My Voice, AND the most blissfully pleasurable mp3 sessions EVER.

The primary purpose of “Bliss Boost” is to transform your sessions with ALL of My mp3s into creative, interactive, intensely blissful, fantasy adventures. This program will make all of My mp3s new again and is the key to the next level of trance: intense, euphoric bliss. Guided hypnosis with soft music in the background. *Adults only.* Not to be listened to while driving!

Sample Clip of “Bliss Boost”:

Trance Tamer – Submission Enhancer

I created “Trance Tamer” in response to many requests for a program that focuses specifically on enhancing submission (especially for “alpha males”). It will not “make you submissive”, but it will help you to access your existing submissive side quickly and easily and enhance your enjoyment of submission. Also, for those who desire to serve as My hypnosub (and belong to My hypnosub members-only community), “Trance Tamer” is required training. It begins with a meaningful visualization and contains powerful, direct hypnotic commands for how to behave in My Realm, how to balance your “real life” and your “hypnotic life”, and how to treat Me and all women as the Goddesses we are.

“Trance Tamer” combines the most powerful suggestions from My previous submission recordings: “Hypnosub 3” and “Subspace 2”. It is the third program in My new training trilogy and may be purchased alone or as part of the “Instant Hypnoslave Set”. Guided Femdom hypnosis with soft music in the background. *Adults only.* Not to be listened to while driving!

NOTE: My hypnosub programs are for MALES ONLY. I do NOT session with females or couples, and all of My erotic hypnosis programs were written for MALES. There is NO feminization on ANY of My programs.

Sample Clip of “Trance Tamer”:

Blissful Hypnoslave SET of 3 MP3s • © HG
Instant Hypnoslave MP3 • Approx. 37 mins.
Bliss Boost MP3 • Approx. 29 mins.
Trance Tamer MP3 • Approx. 34 mins.

Customer Comments:

» “i wish i had purchased ‘Instant Hypnoslave’ the very first time i visited Goddess’s site. Instead i waited and just thought about buying it “tomorrow or next week” As a result, i have been really missing out until now. i purchased ‘Instant Hypnoslave’ three days ago and as i write this review i’ve listened to it four times total. From the start i was impressed with the quality of the file and how deep i went into trance. Each time since has been more powerful and blissfull than the last. i am in awe of how deep i went into trance and how amazing it made me feel. i cannot imagine how much more intense it will be a week or a month from now. i’ve listened to others who claim to be hypnodommes over the years and honestly, the closest comparison to the Hypnosis Goddess i can think of is like driving a 15 year old economy car on a bumpy road when you could be driven in a Rolls Royce. She is truly the best!!”

» “I have just been listening to Instant Hypnoslave. WOW WOW WOW!!!! So AMAZING! I have never experienced anything like it before. It was so good that i had to hear it ½ an hour after the first time again! I am completely hooked and adicted to Hypnosis Goddess and her wonderful heavenly velvety smooth as silk voice already. Goddess, i am your submissive hypnoslave always from now on. To listen to the goddess’s sublime voice is the most pleasurable and erotic experience i have ever had. I am so happy and feel so fortunate that i found Her. Now my life has a truly meaningfull purpose: to serve and obey my goddess. And this is just the begining! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

» “Your ‘Instant Hypnoslave’ mp3 was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I found myself melting effortlessly and easily from the very beginning and absorbing your incomparable words immediately. After the session was over I just felt waves of adoration and devotion towards you come over me—so I then listened to the recording four more times straight. Your voice is so incredibly intoxicating and alluring and I find myself not wanting to do anything but listen to it. On the other hand, the more that I listen to ‘Instant Hypnoslave’ the more I notice this burning desire in me for you. I can’t imagine anything more enjoyable for me than knowing that somehow I’ve pleased you. Thank you so much for allowing me to receive the gift of listening to your voice—it means so much and I will continue listening for multiple hours a day.”

» “By having listened to various MP3 programmes of Yours, i thought i knew what was hypnosis…but it has turned out that i was wrong. By experiencing this new programme, i now know how it really feels to ‘sink like a stone’ into blissful submission! And each time i listen to it, it REALLY gets better and better! i am now controlled by You, Goddess, more and more every day, and that makes me very very happy! And to my amazement, after listening to this programme, i have found all Your other mp3s have become 100 times more powerful than they used to be! i thank You very very much for this fantastic MP3, and i am eager to be dominated more and more by You. my day never ends without listening to Your soothing, velvet, dominating voice…”

» “After the first listen to the new session, i found all my high expectations met. From my experience with Goddess’s recordings, i know they get even better the more i listen. The background music fits its purpose very well and supports the experience of floating on Goddess’s voice. The sound quality of the recording is great, something that sets Her recordings apart from a lot of the recordings which are sold from other hypnodommes. And i liked the length of the recording very much, it’s a bit shorter than the classic Hypnosub Series recordings but longer than the ‘short fix’ Melting Release. Honestly i went so deep during my first experience with Instant Hypnoslave that i didn’t remember a lot but the first few minutes and the final awakening. It made me feel exceptionally good, and it increased my adoration for Goddess strongly…”

» “I have recently completed my first two weeks with your BLISS BOOST mp3 and, with all due respect to the various titles you already possess, I must recommend adding an additional one– Doctor of Blissful Surrender! After my initial training with INSTANT HYPNOSLAVE I was looking forward to the next step in hypnotic submission. My first few days with BLISS BOOST resulted in very pleasant, very relaxing sessions. It quickly accelerated to something much more…The most apt comparison I can offer is that listening to your wonderful voice is like being hooked up to an IV of bliss…”

» “Sensational! Bliss Boost is just amazing! If, like me, you are addicted to Goddess’s velvety voice, this mp3 will instantly transport you to magical places and to blissful depths of submission and surrender that you would not previously have dreamt possible! It does exactly what it promises to do and boosts your responsiveness to Your Goddess’s sublime voice and to all of Her wonderful mp3s to new super enhanced levels. The experience is just so blissfully exhilarating! If you want to take your submission seriously, you MUST buy this mp3 and listen to it often. If you do, i promise that you will yearn to follow Goddess up Her magical spiral stairway and visit her special room so that you can surrender there into the hypnotic depths of her mind control, every single day.”

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