Hypnosis Goddess Worship MP3

Hypnosis Goddess – Hypnotic Goddess Worship

(A new, improved version of “Subspace 2”.) Lightly sensual program that emphasizes feelings of submissiveness, obedience and adoration for male hypnosubs. Suggestions include a beautiful, guided visualization of The Hypnosis Goddess that enchants the listener with Her eyes, voice, hands, crystal pendant and shiny boots and imbues his mind with feelings of adoration and appreciation for all Women and, most especially, the Hypnosis Goddess. Awaken feeling so very blissful and aroused…!

NOTE: My hypnosub programs are for MALES ONLY. I do NOT session with females or couples, and all of My erotic hypnosis programs were written for MALES. There is NO feminization on ANY of My programs.

For best results, be sure to train with all the Level 1 mp3s *first*. Hypnosis with soft background music. *Adults only.* Not to be listened to while driving!

Sample Clip of “Hypnosis Goddess Worship”:

Hypnosis Goddess Worship MP3 • Approx. 44 mins.

Customer Comments:

» “When i need a break from life’s worries and concerns, i turn to Hypnosis Goddess because i trust Her to create a safe and comfortable space. In Her newest mp3, HYPNOSIS GODDESS WORSHIP, i have found the most gentle and soothing hypnotic experience since i began trying hypnosis fifteen months ago. This session is so real, so intimate and so wonderful! As i look into Her eyes i FEEL the beam of magical light filling my mind and body. For me, surrendering to the Goddess is actually a great triumph. She has helped me see that my true strength as a man is revealed when i serve women in a way that pleases them . Thank You Hypnosis Goddess for this transformative gift!”

» “I loved the original ‘Subspace 2’ and this new one is even better! Something about Goddess’s voice on this mp3 is sooo soothing and blissful! Makes me feel deliciously melty and submissive…”

» “Hypnosis Goddess is a truly worthy successor to ‘Subspace 2’. It is a beautiful and very reassuring recording to trance to. For me it really makes me feel that I am in Goddess’s presence, the images it creates are so vibrant and beautiful. I just love the feeling of her gaze connecting with mine – it is so powerful. The whole experience makes me feel extremely worshipful and submissive, even more in love and in awe of Goddess. For me this lovely mp3 just reinforces my belief that the Hypnosis Goddess is THE most skilful and effective Hypnodomme! I will always want to follow and worship Her!”

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