Hypnospell MP3

Hypnospell 1 – Candle Magick

Something a little different…sensual, magical and deliciously wicked. This MP3 has a very personal, one-on-one tone and its induction is covert and subtle, making it a uniquely entrancing experience. The HypnoEnchantress will cast Her hypnoslave spell over you and leave you enthralled, aroused, and so very submissive…

NOTE: My hypnosub programs are for MALES ONLY. I do NOT session with females or couples, and all of My erotic hypnosis programs were written for MALES. There is NO feminization on ANY of My programs.

For best results, be sure to train with all the Level 1 mp3s *first*. Hypnosis with soft background music. *Adults only.* Not to be listened to while driving!

“Hypnospell” is an ADVANCED HYPNOSIS PROGRAM, NOT for beginners. For best results, first train with My Level 1 recordings. This mp3 is NOT intended to be used without pre-conditioning, as the majority of its triggers are set in previous recordings.


*Get ‘Hypnospell’ and the ‘Bewitching Video’ in a Special Set!*

Sample Clip of “Hypnospell”:

Hypnospell MP3 • Approx. 43 mins.

Customer Comments:
» “For those lucky enough to have sampled earlier MP3 journeys, this experience will seem familiar in many ways. The excellent production value, the seamless incorporation of exactly the right music, and the lovely hypnotic cadence of Her delivery are the same as any of Her previous creations…but for me, and i suspect for you, there is something very special about this one…something more personal…as noted in other reviews, in this recording, it’s Goddess, in the first person, seducing, captivating, and taking you on a very intense ride that ends with on your knees…before Her…wanting more, craving more…seeking to submit to Her will just to please Her…”

» “i listened to ‘Hypnospell 1’ for the first time, and experienced total bliss and surrender. This is where i have always wanted to go! i don’t need to take vacation trips anymore. i can do this every night. Thank you again. You are a wonderful Goddess.”

» “An incredible recording…It has a feel of being more personal and this feeling is increased due to its one to one nature. It is highly arousing, and yet left me feeling incredibly submissive to Goddess…”

» “This is one of my favorite Goddess recordings! It’s stealthy, alluring and seductive. Starts like Goddess is speaking directly to me, spinning a very sexy story, and i get sucked in every time! Fits my fantasy of an irresistible hypnowitch perfectly!”

» “I was doubtful of my ability to enter hypnosis but after my first listen to Hypnospell 1, I found that every last bit of  resistance and hesitation to enter deep trance had faded away. Having trained with the exquisite Blissful Hypnoslave SET for close to three months now, I feel that describing Hypnospell 1 is comparable to the first, deafening burst of thunder after a storm front has moved in and hovers about the landscape. Waves of blissful sensation run through every vein as a burning desire takes hold, seductively beckoning you to listen intently, like being sucked into a dreamy vortex of relaxing bliss. If you are considering this hypnosis program, I suggest you go ahead and click BUY, you will be very satisfied with your purchase, I guarantee it.”

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