Hypnosub 2 MP3

Hypnosub #2 – Sensual Submission

{Part 2 in a Series of 3} This is Step #2, in the program I’ve created especially to condition hypnotic submissives for service to Me. (To be used after “Hypnosub #1” and prior to “Hypnosub #3”.) Hypnosub #2 Sensual Submission is a training and conditioning program that will enhance the listener’s sensual responsiveness, and set several erotic triggers (hypnotic suggestions). Beware: in this program, I turn up the heat and you will burn for Me like never before! Guided hypnosis with soft music in the background. *Adults only.* Not to be listened to while driving!

IMPORTANT: For best results, begin with “Hypnosub 1”. Then proceed to “Hypnosub 2” and “Hypnosub 3”.

*TIP*: Use this mp3 for at least 14-21 days (or until you easily respond to *every* suggestion) before moving on to another program. Come back to it periodically for more hypnosis conditioning.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: My hypnosub programs are for MALES ONLY. I do NOT session with females or couples, and all of My erotic hypnosis programs were written for MALES. There is NO feminization on ANY of My programs.

Sample Clip of “Hypnosub 2”:

Hypnosub 2 MP3 • Approx. 46 mins.
“Hypnosub 2” is also available in the Hypnosub SET!

Customer Comments:

» “i was enjoying the trances of ‘Subspace#1’, but am blown away by ‘Hypnosub#2’! You take me, then take me deeper, then even deeper, and every time i feel i am at a level of comfortable deepness, You take me even deeper still. i found myself responding rather well to Your suggestions, and when You said that i was hard for You, i certainly was! i had a wonderful release last night, and am contemplating another right now. i am at work, but will sneak away and send You more of my sexual energy …”

» “Oh Goddess, i am just completely powerless before Your magnificence. ‘Hypnosub #2′ is exactly my hypno fantasy, and i am melted completely for Your Velvety Voice and
Bewitching Words. i so crave Your Velvety voice that mesmerizes me all day long in my head. Thank You Goddess again for giving us lowly hypnosubs such wonderful gifts as Your mp3s. Every time You snap Your wonderful fingers it is like my mind shifts down one level into deeper obedience for Your voice…”

» “Hypnosub 1 & 2′ both have delighted me these last few months, and though i am not the most natural hypnosis subject ever, persistence has paid off, and i am able to release myself into an enveloping, permeating trance with Your Guidance by Your Voice. Thank You for sharing your passion with me…”

» “Hypnosub 2’ is a devastating, take charge piece of work. my mind is blown. You have total control of my body. Any shred of resistance to Your power is totally gone. i would kiss Your feet at the snap of Your fingers!”

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