Indoctrination 1 Hypnosub Conditioning MP3

Indoctrination 1 – Hypnosub Conditioning

A new kind of program! “Indoctrination 1” does not have sleep commands and is not an hypnotic session. (But you still shouldn’t play it while driving!) This is a collection of the best training suggestions from “Instant Hypnoslave” and “Bliss Boost”, with a little taste of “Trance Tamer”.

**Two files are included, one with pure voice, and the other backed with slightly more upbeat music than used in My hypnotic sessions.**

The purpose of these programs is to loop them while you’re walking, working out, cleaning house, working, or doing anything that does not require your complete concentration (such as driving a motor vehicle). Any time you want to reinforce your hypnosub training without entering trance (or ignoring the sleep commands), use “Indoctrination 1”. It may even be looped while you’re sleeping for extreme conditioning!

This program does NOT replace the hypnosub training mp3s. Use it *in addition to* “Instant Hypnoslave”, “Bliss Boost”, and “Trance Tamer”.

NOTE: My hypnosub programs are for MALES ONLY. I do NOT session with females or couples, and all of My erotic hypnosis programs were written for MALES. There is NO feminization on ANY of My programs.

IMPORTANT: This is not intended for beginners and is not a complete hypnosis session. There is no induction on these programs. For best results, train with My “Blissful Hypnoslave SET” first. Not to be listened to while driving!

Sample Clip of “Indoctrination 1”:

Indoctrination 1 Set of 2 MP3s • Approx. 20 mins. Each

Customer Comments:

» “Fantastic file! Sometimes, it’s difficult to find a moment for succumbing to Her voice, and this file enables this pleasure. When i listen to one of Her other files, they become much more powerful and better, and i find much more submissive to Her.”

» “A highlight reel containing many of my favorite segments from Her other recordings. It is not a formal induction, but it will trigger a hypnotic state in those familiar with her work. It’s very good for looping.”

» “Listened to ‘Indoctrination 1’ while preparing dinner and sorting mail. Love being able to listen to Hypnosis Goddess during the day…”

» “Listened to ‘Indoctrination 1’ at 7 Pm last night. Woke up in the night & this morning still hearing Her voice…”

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