Live Hypnosis & Chat Sessions

Updated August 23, 2016

As of 2016, the Hypnosis Goddess is available for live sessions only on NiteFlirt and only by appointment. She no longer has time in Her schedule to log on to NF without a scheduled appointment. Before you write to request a live session, you must first train with Her hypnosis mp3s. (Then, contact Her via NiteFlirt to request an appointment.) This is the latest, current policy (regardless of what else is posted on Her site or in some old Twitter or News post that didn’t get deleted or updated).

Live Hypnosis Sessions

Sessions last about 45 minutes to one hour and are conducted via NiteFlirt. Current rates for NF calls are shown on My NF listing pages. My schedule is extremely busy and My availability for a live session is rare, especially on nights and weekends. Visit My NiteFlirt Profile, read it carefully, follow the links to the Live Listings you might want to call, and favorite them. You will then be notified whenever I log into NiteFlirt as “Available for Calls”.


Before requesting a session, all callers are required to pre-train with My Hypnosis MP3s. This will be checked and cannot be skipped or rushed.

Live Group Hypnosis Sessions

Sessions last about 45 minutes to one hour and are conducted via NiteFlirt. (Group voice chats sometimes use Skype, an internet telephone service.) Before the session, be sure to acquire (and test) a headset or good speakers. I will be speaking the induction LIVE and you will want to hear My Velvety Voice with crystal clarity.

Note: unless otherwise specified, you will only hear Me on a group call; you will not hear each other, nor will you be able to speak to Me or ask Me questions during a group call. For privacy reasons (and so everyone feels comfortable and things move along at an acceptable pace), all callers will be muted and you will only hear Me.

What happens during group sessions?

After you signup, you are instructed to send Me your Skype ID. At the time of the call, log in to Skype and wait. (Do not call Me; I will call you.) **Be sure to accept My request to be added to your Skype Connections.** Once we are connected, I will “call” you via Skype (again: don’t call Me, I will call you) and you will hear My Voice. (NOTE: these are Voice calls, NOT video calls. Video calls are NOT offered at this time.) As soon as you answer the Skype call, hit your mute button (unless you have paid for a private session).

Each type of call is a little different (see individual descriptions). Typically, I begin each session with an introduction and an overview. Then I address the evening’s questions or topics. During the remaining portion of the call, I will deliver a live hypnotic induction. Throughout the call, you will hear My Voice, but will not hear anyone else speaking, nor will I be able to hear you. (Again, these are VOICE calls, not video.)

“Goddess…what else can I say about the live group session I participated in tonight. You have the most incredible and soothing voice of anyone I have ever worked with or listened to. I really appreciated the way you were so helpful at the beginning…making sure everyone could access the call correctly and then not starting till you heard from each of us. I was not sure if you were going to do more of an instant or progressive induction. Initially, I felt myself going deeper with each breath and number but was just relaxing. However, when you started to snap, I lost control. I started the session sitting in a desk chair and reclining back slightly, but then the snaps and words just encompassed me. By the time the session ended, I found myself lying on the floor on my back completely and totally relaxed and ready to obey. I am sure just hearing you snap and say sleep going forward will instant take me deep under your control…I do not want to take up anymore of your time, so I will close in saying that it was definitely a great experience for me. I look forward to the next group session you do. Finally, thank you so much for taking the time to give a group session and for your courtesy and professionalism.”

About Skype

Skype is a free “internet phone service” that allows one-on-one or group (conference) contact via voice, text messaging and even video. *The quality of My Velvety Voice via Skype is crystal clear.* Anyone may signup for a free account with Skype. Once you have your Skype ID and have pre-paid for a Live Session, you simply login to your Skype account (on your computer, via the internet) and I will “call” you via Skype at the time of the session. Before using Skype, be sure to check that it is configured properly (speakers, voice/microphone or headset). If you use Skype for My Sessions, there will be no long-distance charges for the “call”.

Sign up for Skype at

“i was a little worried about installing Skype or about not knowing how to work it during the session, but everything went very well. Your voice came through with outstanding clarity, and the various intonations and nuances of Your delivery could be clearly distinguished. The only session that was better for sound quality was in the back of the limo. This was better sound than what i typically experienced with our NiteFlirt calls. It might even be better than on your recordings, if i’m just talking about the clarity of your voice and nothing else. “

How much are the sessions?

Group calls, when offered, have very special rates. (Were you to call Me on NiteFlirt, a private, live, one-hour call with Me would cost over $300.) My availability is limited and My time is valuable. I am not able to offer enough private sessions to meet the demand. My solution is these group sessions, which are less time-consuming for Me and far more affordable for you.

Hypnosub Group Training Call (90 mins.): TBA
Live Group Hypnosis Call: TBA
Live Group FD $$$ Call: TBA + gifts and/or tribute
Private Live Hypnosis Call: $300+
An “hour” session varies from 45 to 60 minutes.

IMPORTANT: It is up to you to make the call and to be ON TIME. If you sleep through the call or get the time wrong, you miss out. I will not refund your money or give you another session. If you pay for a session with Me, you are accepting the responsibility to know the time and date of the call you are paying for, and to GET YOURSELF THERE ON TIME. All times listed are in “Goddess Time”, which is currently the Mountain Time Zone. Look it up on this page to be sure you know the correct time.

Who may participate?

If a call is listed here, it is open to anyone with an interest in hypnotic submission. Occasionally, I offer special calls for My hypnosubs only (or for My moneyslaves only) and those will not be posted here.

Anyone genuinely interested in experiencing hypnotic submission will get something out of every call. However, for best results, I do encourage you to pre-train with My “Instant Hypnoslave” or “Hypnosub 1” mp3s at least. I will assume all callers have at least a basic ability to enter hypnosis with guidance. Because this is a group call, not a private, one-on-one call, I do not recommend that you begin your hypnosis training in this manner. (My pace will likely be too fast for those with no hypnosis experience whatsoever.)

“So far I have trained with several of your mp3s and even though they are beautifully relaxing I never felt like I went deeply under to have suggestions and triggers work…I’ve tried several mp3s throughout the years but yours were by far the best and most effective ones…The induction last night however was absolutely fantastic and took me to the deepest levels I have ever been. The slow and long induction, the constant reinforcement of going deeper (even if I didn’t have those triggers work before) allowed me to adjust to the level of depth and then go further down…Last night was simply amazing and I was sad to see the time and session pass so quickly. I couldn’t believe so much time has passed which probably is another sign that I went under. I just loved your voice, the repetition of going deeper, the slow approach by taking breaks in-between…It’s been years of trying and I am absolutely excited to have enjoyed such a blissful trance. Thank you for this great experience. You are truly a very talented, powerful and beautifully soothing hypnotist. I look forward participating in another call soon.”

When are the sessions held?

Days and times vary, based on My availability, which is currently quite limited. (I am aware My callers span a wide range of time zones and schedules. If I receive enough requests for particular days or times, I will consider adding them to My schedule.)

Find Out This Month’s Schedule & Topic

There are two ways to stay current with My phone session opportunities. First, bookmark this page, so you can return to it easily. Second, follow Me on Twitter so you’ll see My updates & announcements when I make them.

“Thank you for letting me be part of your live session yesterday. I am a newbie to your realm and have been training with Hypnosub number 1 for the last month or so and I have to say that your voice is even more powerful live than in your recordings. My memory is a little hazy about what happened in the session but I do remember feeling weightless and powerless to resist your commands as your words washed over me. This may sound strange but I felt your dominance over me in my body and mind as you talked and I was completely focused on the sound of your voice. I will definately be purchasing the next live session as I am very keen to go even deeper under your spell… “

“Intensive Conditioning” Format

Live Hypnosis Sessions via Skype voice. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes, are conducted via Skype (voice only) and are mostly hypnosis (with just a couple minutes at the beginning to get everyone situated). Conditioning intensives are good for both beginners and experienced hypnosubs. Each session will be a little different, but I will always include plenty of deepening hypnotic commands and triggers, as well as suggestions to serve and worship Me, the Hypnosis Goddess.

“Hypnosub Training” Format

Live Instruction and Hypnosis Conditioning via Skype voice. Training sessions last approximately 90 minutes and are conducted via Skype (voice only). The first half of these sessions will be verbal instruction about being a hypnosub in My Realm and Q&A. The second half will be an “Intensive Conditioning” hypnosis session. Training intensives are especially good for beginners, but experienced hypnosubs can benefit as well. Each session will be a little different, but I will always include plenty of deepening hypnotic commands and triggers, as well as suggestions to serve and worship Me, the Hypnosis Goddess.

“FD or Moneyslaves $$$” Format

FD (or “findom”) stands for “Financial Domination”. FD or “moneyslaves” calls are specifically for those into financial domination or money slavery. These calls are expensive and not for the faint of heart. They last approximately 45 to 60 minutes and typically include deep hypnosis, commands and triggers to serve Me financially, and a task or several, such as shopping for Me during the call or sending Me a tribute after the session.

More Tips

Group sessions are currently being conducted via Skype. After you make your payment for the next session, please download Skype, test your microphone & headset, and email Me your Skype ID. (I recommend choosing an ID that is anonymous and that you show no personal information on your Skype ID.) I also recommend that you have a headset and the ability to lie down and relax during the call. (Remember, I will be *hypnotizing* you!) It would also be helpful to have easy access to your computer/internet, both for Skype and in case you need to email Me during the call.

After you RSVP: Block out the hour on your schedule. Figure out where you’ll enjoy the session. Do you have somewhere you can relax in private? Get your headset ready. Be sure you have emailed Me your Skype ID.

When it’s session time, log into Skype and wait *for Me to call you* (do NOT call Me). Be on time for the call, please. After you have been brought into the call, press your mute button immediately.

“Honestly there is something a little more magical about having a live session with You. Your recordings are always of high-quality and very easy to enjoy and melt into, but knowing You’re really there, guiding us carefully and exactly, can make so much of a difference in our minds.”

REMEMBER: After you use the pay button to reserve your space on a call, you MUST subscribe to My phone sessions eList (on confirmation page). If you do NOT subscribe to My phone sessions eList, you will NOT receive the call log-in information. I have too many callers to send these out manually, one at a time. *As soon as you pay for the session*, make CERTAIN you have subscribed to this special eList for phone sessions.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to pay at the last minute and join a Live Session that is already in progress. Once I’ve begun (which I will do ON TIME), I cannot add someone who has *just paid*. Allow at least 3 hours before the session, so that you can get Skype setup, I can add your ID to My contact list, and we can all begin the session ON TIME.

[There are no pay buttons here because group sessions are not currently available. Please do not write to Me and ask Me how you can pay for a group session…]


Before paying for a Live Session, you must schedule it with Me first. Once again: it does not make sense to just plunk down money for a session without knowing if the day and time will work for you, right…? So don’t attempt to do that. When I have time in My schedule to offer group sessions, they will be announced here.