Melting Release MP3

Melting Release – A Hypno Quickie

I’ve had many requests to create a “best of” D/s mp3 that is short enough to fit into tight schedules but still contains all of My most seductive suggestions, and here it is! “Melting Release” is 22 minutes of erotic hypnosis bliss! It begins with My wicked “latex numbers induction” (Submission 1), then moves quickly into direct hypnotic suggestions for submission and arousal (Hypnospell 1)—no visualization scenarios—just melting command after melting command. By the end of this session, you will be My hot, submissive, yearning, aroused and obedient hypnoslave—and those cravings will increase with each listen. (Mmmmmm…) IMPORTANT: This is not intended as beginner’s hypnosis. For best results, train with “Instant Hypnoslave” first. Guided hypnosis with soft music in the background. *Adults only.* Not to be listened to while driving!

NOTE: My hypnosub programs are for MALES ONLY. I do NOT session with females or couples, and all of My erotic hypnosis programs were written for MALES. There is NO feminization on ANY of My programs.

Sample Clip of “Melting Release”:

Melting Release MP3 • Approx. 22 mins.

Customer Comments:

» “i love this new program. It really gives me a feeling of being ‘taken’ even though i know i enter into it (very) willingly. i imagine that has to do with how quickly You go from the devastating induction to the very dominant and s-xy suggestions. i love the way You make me feel so helpless and compliant. i always wake up feeling very submissive and aroused…”

» “i just wanted to say Your recording was breathtakingly wonderful… i feel so at ease right now and wanted to take a moment to thank You… i’m so enthralled… i can’t stop thinking about You… it was amazing…i just can’t believe how pliable You made me feel…and how aroused i was…it was fantastic.. i can barely put two thoughts together…sorry to gush…”

» “It definitely had the desired effect, and i do feel very submissive to You at this time. It is also a very erotic recording and very arousing…”

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