Moneyslave Financial Domination Programming Set

Moneyslave Financial Domination Programming Set of 4 Findom MP3s

This set of 4 hypnotic mp3s includes: Instant Hypnoslave (basic hypnotic submission conditioning), Thriving Hive, Shopping Slave, and Tribute.

Instant Hypnoslave – Concentrated Conditioning

Hypnosis Goddess MP3No, this mp3 won’t really turn you into a hypnoslave instantly! However, this program will quickly condition you to experience erotic hypnosis. I created ‘Instant Hypnoslave’ in response to numerous requests for a shorter, more intense hypnotic conditioning program. (It may be used instead of “Hypnosub 1”.) This is the perfect mp3 to start with for all those new to hypnotic submission (who wish to eventually serve Me, The Hypnosis Goddess). ‘Instant Hypnoslave’ begins with a long, thorough induction (with multiple deepeners) and contains many hypnotic commands for deepening, ease and speed of trance, addiction to My Voice, and highly pleasurable sessions. This program will train you to enter hypnosis in a deliciously blissful way. It is soothing, sensual, and gently dominant. It will increase your cravings for My Voice and My Hypnosis. MP3 is 37 mins. Guided hypnosis with soft music in the background. *Adults only.* Not to be listened to while driving! **For best results, it is recommended that you begin your hypnosub training with this program, “Instant Hypnoslave”. Use it daily for at least 7 days before progressing.

Thriving Hive – Findom Hypnosis Programming

“Thriving Hive” findom hypnosis is all about making My hypnosubs more prosperous, successful and generous. It begins with visualizations of My thriving empire, Me as a sexy, Powerful CEO, and all the productive worker bees that serve Me. It continues with powerful, direct hypnotic suggestions to increase your prosperity, success, and generosity; how to balance your “real life” and your “hypnotic life”; and how to treat Me and all women as the Goddesses we are. I am best served by prosperous, successful, generous hypnosubs, and that’s what this program will create. Contains tribute/findom commands. MP3 is 32 mins. Guided hypnosis with soft music in the background. *Adults only.* Not to be listened to while driving!

Shopping Slave – Erotic Findom Conditioning

Hypnosis Goddess Findom
“Shopping Slave” begins in spoken word format and, starting at the induction, I’ve added a hint of echo (like “Deeper”, “Addicted”, and “Bliss”) to boost the hypnotic effect. It was created especially to increase your addiction to shopping for Me and—beware!—it is intensely effective. Suggestions revolve around loving to shop for Me, being addicted to shopping for Me, and becoming increasingly excited and aroused by shopping for Me. The end of the program includes an optional, “soft awakening”, so it may be looped continuously if desired. Highly erotic, findom conditioning. “Shopping Slave” is a good follow-up to “Thriving Hive” and “Hypnosis Goddess Worship“, and may also be looped with “Bliss“, “Tribute“, “Addicted” and/or “Deeper“. MP3 is 36 mins. (For best results, be sure to train with my previous mp3s *first*.) Hypnosis with soft background music. *Adults only.* Not to be listened to while driving!

Tribute – Erotic Financial Domination Hypnosis

Like “Deeper”, “Addicted”, and “Bliss”, “Tribute” was created in a style I refer to as “overwhelming ear candy“. It’s My Velvety Voice, enhanced with layers, echo and panning. The effects are especially intense if you wear a headset when listening. “Tribute” is backed with its own unique, hypnotic music and can be looped endlessly. (It also works well following “Bliss”.) “Tribute” is an intense financial domination hypnosis session. It will stimulate a deep trance and extreme arousal, then deliver irresistible commands to pay a tribute. There is no formal “awakening” at the end, so you can loop the program as long as you’d like. “Tribute” requires that the listener access the internet during the session, in order to obey My Commands. This program is erotic and VERY INTENSE. Can be looped on its own, or with “Bliss”, “Deeper” and/or “Addicted”. MP3 is 18 mins. (For best results, be sure to train with my previous mp3s *first*.) Hypnosis with soft background music. *Adults only.* Not to be listened to while driving!

NOTE: My hypnosub programs are for MALES ONLY. I do NOT session with females or couples, and all of My erotic hypnosis programs were written for MALES. There is NO feminization on ANY of My programs.

Moneyslave Programming SET of 4 MP3s + BONUS Trigger Image • © HG
Instant Hypnoslave MP3 • Approx. 37 mins.
Thriving Hive MP3 • Approx. 32 mins.
Shopping Slave MP3 • Approx. 36 mins.
Tribute MP3 • Approx. 18 mins.

Customer Comments:

» “Just listened to ‘Thriving Hive’! Dangerous yes, but also amazing, brilliant, exciting and powerful MP3! Love it, Love it, Love it!”

» “Goddess’s voice sounds more captivating and sensual than ever, taking me down to a blissful and submissive state where I just want to serve Her in the best way possible. i always wake up after listening ‘Thriving Hive’ feeling more positive, more creative and more resolute to face my daily responsibilities.”

» “It is always a very exciting moment for me when i listen to a new recording of Hypnosis Goddess for the first time. Because of the high standards She has set with Her previous recordings, my expectations where very high when i put on ‘Thriving Hive’. i can say my expectations where not dissapointed. What i really loved from the very first moment was the way Goddess played with Her voice to seduce the listener into sweet hypnosis. Some parts are almost whispered, a thing She rarely did on other recordings. And that adds another beautiful flavor to her velvety, sexy voice…i felt very safe and relaxed, while Her words floated into my mind. A wonderful experience.”

» “Thriving Hive is a joy to use, especially for any hypnosub who has used Goddess’s beautiful mp3’s regularly. For me it somehow is like coming home; it slides into my mind and fits like a favourite glove! Listening to it makes me feel closer than ever to my Goddess. It makes me want to serve Her to the best of my ability and at the same time will helps give me greater self confidence so that I can go out into the world and be more effective at what I do so that I can then return and support Goddess even more. All in all a beautiful double whammy!”

» “Listening to Thriving Hive has transformed my life, not only in terms of serving you and being a good worker bee but also within my work as I am more productive in my work life and I am becoming more receptive and productive in my hypnotic life. I cannot thank you enough for this change in my life…”

» “Thank You, Goddess, for such a wonderful session. Thriving Hive is not just a pleasurable experience but is a life improving session. When ever i need just a little extra motivation i can hear Your voice in my head telling me to keep going, keep pushing, and keep prospering. Thank You for such a great work.”

» “Don’t let the title of SHOPPING SLAVE fool you. It’s about more than just shopping. Other programs may be designed to arouse, but i think SHOPPING SLAVE is super sexy! As it begins, Goddess introduces echo into the ‘spoken word’ format. i believe the echoing of Her words (and finger snaps) relaxed & took me down quicker than even Her ‘ear candy’ programs. Compared to my first sessions with other programs, SHOPPING SLAVE took me deeper than any other one. To me deeper trance means better trance because then Goddess’s words & commands become even more potent. i can simply let go and follow Her lead. And speaking of following Her lead, the scene She presents in SHOPPING SLAVE felt so very real that my body responded as if i was actually with Her. The pleasure i felt was so intense, that i didn’t want it to end!  What could be sexier & more arousing than that?”

» “‘Shopping Slave’ is an incredible mp3 that has Goddess taking me down farther than ever.  Her use of double voicing and echo is Amazing!  I was surprised at first by the technique and then, Wham, She took me exactly where She wanted me to go (and I loved every second of it!)  Soon She had me at Her Heels – Snap!:)  I want to listen again and again.  Thank You, Goddess, for ‘Shopping Slave’!”

» “Goddess’s new mp3, “Tribute,” is so intense it’s almost unfair.”

» “OMG this recording is irresistible! The tribute is sent… incredible feelings! Thank You Dear Goddess for this experience.”

» “Tribute’ is yet another brilliant mp3! It is very powerful and extremely hypnotic for those of us who have trained with all of Goddess’s previous mp3’s. Your ears will be filled with all of Goddess’s powerful triggers which will sound like music to your ears, interspersed in between them all are those all powerful new triggers that will lead you oh so beautifully into willlingly sending Your Goddess the tributes that she so richly deserves. Be warned she describes it as intense and it is! but it is also very lovely!”

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