MP3 Instructions

There are no rules regarding purchasing My mp3s and no one is required to join My private group. HOWEVER…if you would like to get the best results from My mp3s and if you truly wish to experience the same blissful hypnotic trance that others have enjoyed, the only way to achieve that is to follow these guidelines. I want every one of My customers to have the best possible experience with My programs (that way, you’ll buy more of them, right?), but, unfortunately, I cannot force you to follow My instructions. Instead, I must ask you to trust that I know what I’m talking about and that I can lead you, if you will let Me, into deep, hypnotic bliss. (And, yes, I absolutely do know better than you how to get the most out of My hypnosis programs—I created them, after all!)

1) Everyone who wants to experience real hypnotic submission should begin with an hypnotic training program and use it daily, if possible, for a minimum of 7 days (10 to 14 is better) before progressing to the next program. If you want to eventually serve Me and possibly join My hypnosub community, the program you should start with is “Instant Hypnoslave” (or the “Blissful Hypnoslave SET”, which includes “Instant Hypnoslave”). If you already serve another Mistress and/or don’t want to ever serve Me, begin with “Femdom Hypnosis”. (Note that “Femdom Hypnosis” may not be substituted for “Instant Hypnoslave” by those who wish to join My hypnosub group, but it may be used *in addition to* the required programs, if desired.)

Even if you have previously used programs from other hypnodommes or hypnotists, you may not have ever experienced real hypnosis and you are also new to My way of doing things. There is no shortcut for conditioning and rushing through it will not make you better at entering hypnosis. Use the program daily for a minimum of 7 days. If you do this, you will notice your trances becoming deeper, faster and easier. Do not progress to the next program in a series until you are consistently responding to the suggestions in the one you are currently using. The programs build on each other and the inductions become progressively shorter.

2) My programs were created to build on each other. The main menu list shows the recommended order to purchase and use them. If you skip around or begin in the middle (starting with Level 3 programs, for instance, or with program #2 in a set of 3), some of the stories will NOT make sense AND you will miss out on important conditioning. (For example, the advanced programs assume the listener has trained with the beginning programs and that the suggestions given have already been set. They do not repeat the original explanations of those triggers/commands. If you haven’t pre-trained with the recommended programs, in order, those commands will have no effect on you and you will miss out on a significant part of the experience.) Pay attention to titles and be sure not to order a program you already have. (Many of My titles are available individually or in sets.)

3) No matter how excited you are about finding My programs, please order in moderation. Patience and diligence are rewarded in My Realm and those who are gluttonous and disrespectful of My instructions get ignored. (If you can’t or won’t follow MY directions, how can you call yourself a sub? I am The Mistress here.) Each of My mp3s is a work of art, meant to be savored and appreciated, not gobbled like a peanut in a cheap beer joint. I expect potential subs to pace themselves and not to behave like children in a candy store. Don’t shortchange your experience. If you rush, you will burn out long before you achieve real hypnosis and will ultimately be disappointed.

My recommended pace is no more than one new mp3 every 7 days (10 to 14 is better). If you order a set of 3 mp3s, wait at least 3 weeks before placing another order.