New Hypnosub Training Regimen

As of May, 2016, this is the new training regimen for aspiring hypnosubs who wish to serve Me, The Hypnosis Goddess. If you follow these instructions, you will be trained and conditioned blissfully via My extraordinarily effective hypnosis sessions, which can all be downloaded instantly and used at your convenience in the privacy of your own home.

Step 1: Begin with My “Blissful Hypnoslave Set” (or “Instant Hypnoslave”, then “Bliss Boost”, followed by “Trance Tamer”). Session regularly (ideally every day) for a minimum of 7 days (14 is better).

Do not progress to the next program in the series until you are consistently responding to every suggestion on the current program. Do not rush through your training. Rushing will not make you a better hypnosub; thorough conditioning will make you a better hypnosub. This is not a race, it is an exciting journey. Relax and enjoy the experience. No matter how deep you think your trance is during your first session, you will no doubt discover much deeper levels after repeated practice.

Step 2: After you have thoroughly trained with these programs: “Instant Hypnoslave”, “Bliss Boost”, and “Trance Tamer”, order “Thriving Hive” and begin daily conditioning with it. Remember: thorough training means you don’t rush, you session daily, and you give yourself plenty of time to become hypnotically responsive. (Minimum 7 days of sessioning per program, no matter how many times you listen to a program in a day.) Do not progress to the next program until your are consistently responding to every suggestion on the current one.

Step 3: You are now ready to “level up” and begin using My more advanced hypnotic programs.