New MP3: Erotic Hypnosis

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For those interested in recreational hypnosis but not ready for dominance or submission, I’ve created a purely erotic session, with no Femdom or financial domination commands or suggestions. This program will guide you into a deep, blissful trance and increase your arousal–and that’s it! There are no commands or suggestions to become addicted, to be submissive, to send Me Tributes or gifts, or to serve Me in any way. This is pure “erotic hypnosis”. The session (which is fairly short at 30 minutes) contains an induction and deepeners, with suggestions for the listener to feel great and to become increasingly aroused. It is spoken word with slight echoing throughout (starting at the induction) and some overlapping and panning (during the arousal commands) to boost the hypnotic effect. This program is perfect for those who wish to enjoy “erotic hypnosis” without any feelings or commands for domination, submission, service, or addiction. The end of the program includes an optional, “soft awakening”, so it may be looped continuously if desired. Highly erotic and blissful.

Listen to a sample and order My latest mp3 masterpiece on the Erotic Hypnosis MP3 Page.

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