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3/31/14 – NEW site design! Watch for more features, including a new layout for My blog and lots more entries!

3/14/14 – NEW mp3! “Erotic Hypnosis” sensual trance for men.

9/01/13 – NEW mp3! “Shopping Slave” erotic, findom hypnosis.

8/05/13 – Live Q&A Voice Chat this Thursday, August 8, at 8pm MT. Limited to first 10 registrants. Details on the Live Sessions Page.

8/02/13 – NEW “Femdom Hypnosis SET” of 3 hypnotic conditioning MP3s for male subs who serve another Domina.

7/14/13 – NEW mp3! “Submissive” erotic hypnosis for male subs.

5/03/13 – NEW mp3! “Quick Submit” instant subspace for male subs.

4/01/13 – NEW mp3! “Queen Bee” service conditioning for male subs is the follow-up to “Femdom Hypnosis”.

2/27/13 – NEW mp3! “Hypnosis Goddess” is a brand new Goddess Worship program. It replaces “Subspace 2”, which is now discontinued. (Also, “Subspace 1” is now “Subspace”.)

1/19/13 – NEW hypnotic conditioning mp3 for male hypnosubs and their Dominas: “Femdom Hypnosis“. The first in a new series created especially for male subs who serve another Mistress!

12/07/12 – New Special Set, “Moneyslave Programming: Instant Hypnoslave, Thriving Hive & Tribute”. Get ALL 3 Findom MP3s at a special set price here: Moneyslave Set.

10/21/12 – NEW advanced mp3, in the style of “Bliss” and “Addicted”. “Tribute” is an erotic financial domination session. It’s loopable and very INTENSE! Get it here: Tribute.

09/30/12 – NEW mp3 in the style of “Deeper” and “Addicted” (overwhelming ear candy). It’s called “Bliss” and it’s a loopable, spectacular endorphin rush! Get it here: Bliss.

09/29/12 – All of My mp3s are now available for purchase via NiteFlirt! There is a NF button on each product page of this website. I have also launched a separate site, just for NiteFlirt, that lists all My mp3s on one page:

09/02/12 – NEW findom (financial domination) programming MP3 just released and you’re going to love it! My Velvety Voice has never sounded better. Hear a blissful sample and order Thriving Hive now!

08/18/12 – My main listings on NF (NiteFlirt) have now been changed to the ID of HypnosisGoddess (formerly HypnosisMistress). The ID HypnosisMistress is also still Mine, however, I do not have any listings under it at this time. Be sure to update your favorites. My main page on NF is now at:

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