Order FAQs

On this page, I’ve gathered those questions I am asked most often regarding the ordering process for this site, My hypnosis programs, and using mp3s. Please read this page thoroughly before writing, as your question is very likely answered here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering & My Programs:

1. How soon will I receive my download?
Instantly! Place your order via NiteFlirt and, upon successful processing of your payment, your files will be added to your account and you will be able to download them from there. Note: if you can’t figure out the NF download system, please contact their tech support for help.

2. How do I download my mp3?
As soon as your payment has been processed, you will receive your files on NiteFlirt.

3. What do I do if I have not received my downloadable order?
Upon successful processing of your payment, NiteFlirt will automatically give you the file/s. If you have not received them or cannot figure out their download system, please contact the NF tech support.

4. Can I download my order?
Yes! In fact, all My programs are now available only as downloadable files. To order an MP3 or video download, just use the order button for that item. You will be redirected to the NiteFlirt site and be able to purchase your file/s there.

5. What kind of system do I need to order and download your mp3s?
These mp3 files are quite large and are recommended for *high speed internet users* only. (That means cable or dsl and not a 56k phone modem.) If you are using a telephone modem and/or if your ISP has a tendency to periodically disconnect your service, you will likely experience difficulty in downloading these mp3s. Once again, the files are quite large (that’s why the file size is listed in every file description) and are recommended for high speed internet users only.

6. How do I download my mp3 using AOL?
Unfortunately, AOL has its own system for doing almost everything and we cannot provide tech support for a program we do not use and do not recommend. If your tech support issue pertains to AOL, you should contact the AOL tech support for guidance on using their product.

7. What if my computer isn’t working and/or I can’t figure out how to order online—can I order by phone?
No. I cannot process your order by phone. The only way to buy My mp3s is to order them online via NiteFlirt.

8. What if I don’t have a credit or debit card or don’t like NiteFlirt—can I order by check or some other method?
No. At this time, My mp3s are sold via NiteFlirt only. I cannot manually process your order through some other method.

Can I order some other way, besides using a credit card? Can I use PayPal?
No. My mp3s are now sold via NiteFlirt only. Using PayPal would be a violation of their Terms of Use.

9. How do I order by mail?
At this time, there is no ordering by mail. You may order via NiteFlirt by using the NF buy buttons on each product page.

10. Can I order your audio programs on CD?
Not currently. We are considering selling CDs via a third-party delivery system. However, since the vast majority of this site’s patrons prefer the instant delivery of digital files and CDs are far more expensive to produce, it’s unlikely this will happen anytime soon.

11. How much is shipping/handling?
Not applicable at this time.

12. How long will it take you to ship my order?
Not applicable at this time.

13. Will my order be sent discreetly?
Your receipt and download info will be emailed to the address you use on NiteFlirt. When you setup your NF account, don’t use your real first and last name as your username or “ID”…got it?

What will my credit card statement say?
Your credit card statement will have NiteFlirt’s information, not anything related to “Hypnosis Goddess”. (Usually “NF SERVICES” or something similar.)

14. What if I lose or delete my files, will you replace them?
No. Your files should continue to be available inside your NiteFlirt account. (You can listen to them with their player or download them again.) It is the buyer’s responsibility to make a back-up copy of their files immediately. If you have any issues with NF’s download process, please contact their tech support.

15. Which program should I order first? What do You recommend? Which of your programs is “the most popular”?
I encourage everyone new to My Realm to begin with My “Blissful Hypnoslave SET” or “Instant Hypnoslave” mp3s. See the “About” page for more information on getting started.

16. What if I already have hypnosis experience?
Even if you have tried the programs of other “hypnodommes”—whether one or two or many of them—and even if you have been practicing hypnosis for years, you will still need to be trained to My way of doing things. The “Blissful Hypnoslave” series not only provides important conditioning for entering the trance state, it also sets hypnotic triggers that I use throughout all of My other programs (including videos) and My phone sessions. Start with My “Blissful Hypnoslave SET” or “Instant Hypnoslave” no matter what your experience level is. Once you have completed the initial training period (see the pdf instructions with your mp3 downloads for details), you will get far more out of My advanced programs, such as “Subspace”, “Teased”, “Melting Release”, or the “Submission” series.

17. Will you hypnotize my wife or girlfriend? Will you hypnotize me to better serve My wife or girlfriend? Will you create a training program that my Mistress can use to train me?
I currently do not work with women or couples. I strongly dislike male-dom dynamics and I never hypnotize women to be submissive or subservient. I do not “switch”, nor do I enjoy subjects who “switch”. I am primarily interested in submissive males who desire to serve Me and that is what most of My programs are designed to facilitate. (Yes, you may begin to better serve your wife or girlfriend as a result of My training, but that is not My primary objective. My primary objective is that you serve *Me* and do it well.) However…as a result of the many, many requests I have received, I have developed a unique, new line of My superior hypnotic conditioning programs, especially for male subs who serve other Dominas. Information about those programs is on the Femdom Hypnosis For Couples page.

18. Do you do “feminization”? Do you work with “sissies”? Will you make me a program that will give me breasts and/or a body like a woman?
No. Unlike many professional Dominas, I do not enjoy feminized or “sissified” submissives. (No judgment, just not My thing.) I prefer intelligent, male submissives who dress like males and speak like males. Yes, I realize there’s a healthy market of those with a fetish to be feminized and I could capitalize on that market if I were willing to do anything for a buck. However, I also realize that participating in exchanges that I do not enjoy and which do not turn Me on is one of the fastest ways to burn Myself out on professional domination entirely—so I don’t do scenes or exchanges that I do not enjoy *for any price*. In My opinion, “feminization” (“cross-dressing”, “sissification”, and the like) is a fetish, like being attracted to feet or leather or boots; it is *not* synonymous with submission. There are many subs with no desire to be feminized and there are many sissies with no real desire to be submissives. (In fact, I have yet to meet a genuinely submissive sissy—they are usually waaay too into themselves and being dressed up and made up and played with and entertained to be of any real service. Truth.)

19. Will you make me a custom hypnosis mp3 for my particular fetish/fantasy?
Sorry but I am not currently offering custom mp3s—My schedule just doesn’t allow for it. Custom mp3s take Me just as much time (and sometimes more) as My “ready made” mp3s and I am only selling one copy of them (to the person who placed the order). Therefore, I have to charge several hundred dollars for each of them and it is still not a profitable use of My time. (They’re very labor-intensive.) I’m also very particular about which topics I am willing to create programs for (I’ve gotten some pretty bizarre requests). Plus, I find that writing an hypnosis script in which I have no room to express My own creativity (because the buyer has written a request for exactly what they want, point by point) saps My motivation. (In other words: B-O-R-I-N-G.) In the event that I decide to offer custom mp3s again, I will list them on this site, along with instructions for ordering them. Please do not write to Me with an unsolicited and lengthy description of your particular fantasy; if you don’t see custom mp3s offered here, it means I don’t sell them.


1. What is an “mp3” and how do I use it?
Basically, an mp3 is an audio program in a specially compressed file format. This smaller sized file makes it faster for buyers to download their programs online and it means you can fit *more programs* onto an mp3 cd or mp3 player. You can use mp3s just like cd audio programs. They can be converted and “burned” (copied) to standard cds and used in nearly all cd players *or*, you can keep them in mp3 format and use them on mp3 player devices. Once you learn the process, you’ll find they are very easy to use and you’ll appreciate how fast it is to obtain them!

2. What if I want a “real cd” not an mp3 cd?
MP3 files can be converted (easily and automatically) to standard cda files (cd files) and burned onto regular cds for use in almost any standard cd player (some newer dvd players may have difficulties with recordable cds).

3. What if I lose my mp3 files or my computer crashes?
I recommend making backups of your purchased mp3s immediately. I will not replace lost (or deleted) programs.

4. Where can I find extra help on using mp3s?
Try the web site of your software creator for specific help on using that program. (The site or tech support number of your cd burner’s creator, such as Creative, HP, Gateway, etc. might also be helpful.) Or try “googling” (searching on google.com) your specific issue.