Quick Submit Hypnotic Submission MP3

Quick Submit – Instant Intense Hypnotic Submission for Male Subs

The perfect program to use just prior to a Femdom scene with your Mistress, before completing tasks or chores for Her, or as a quick induction before looping some of My other Femdom Hypnosis MP3s. This program was created to be a quick, short way to intensify feelings of submission and obedience. Use it only after conditioning with either “Femdom Hypnosis” mp3 (for subs who serve another Mistress) or “Instant Hypnoslave”  mp3 (My hypnosubs) for at least 14 days, as the induction is fast and brief. “Quick Submit” is filled with male-sub/Femdom suggestions to increase feelings of arousal, submission, obedience, eagerness to serve, adoration and devotion to the listener’s “Mistress”. (Also referred to as “Goddess” and “Queen”.)

Ladies, have your male sub session with this mp3 just prior to a scene or when you require his easy obedience. (This program may also be used by My hypnosubs when they desire a short session or as a fast induction before looping My advanced mp3s. Works especially well with “Bliss” or “Tribute”.)

Note that this induction is shorter and assumes pre-conditioning with “Femdom Hypnosis” or “Instant Hypnoslave“. Hypnosis with soft background music. *Adults only.* Not to be listened to while driving!

NOTE: My hypnosub programs are for MALES ONLY. I do NOT session with females or couples, and all of My erotic hypnosis programs were written for MALES. There is NO feminization on ANY of My programs.

Sample Clip of “Quick Submit”:

Quick Submit MP3 •  Approx. 17 mins.

Customer Comments:

» “‘Quick Submit’ is a submissive TIMEBOMB! It will transport you into a deeply submissive state quicker and more certainly than anything else I have ever found! It is brilliant at dropping me into that wonderful, weak and pliable state that is known as subspace. I have used it every day since it was released and every time without fail it has catapulted me into a beautifully submissive state of mind.  What is so clever is that it allows you to direct that submissive state of mind towards whoever you need to submit to, be it The Goddess Herself, your girl friend, your wife or your Mistress / Domina.  I am sure that it would work brilliantly whichever of these is your dominant! It is so good I think that it should be re-named ‘The Submissive’s Dream’!”

“‘Quick Submit’, while short in duration, is very powerful and versatile. i have sampled this program in 3 different ways, all to great effect. 1) i listened to it before bedtime and fell into a submissive sleep. i had the most wonderful dreams of my Mistress. 2) Realizing that submission energizes me, i listened to it during my lunch break. Afterwards, i imagined that i was working for my Mistress the rest of the day. i felt so motivated, and all my tasks seemed easier and much more pleasant to perform. 3) Listened to it as a prelude to other femdom hypnosis products by Hypnosis Goddess. It created longer sessions that are both more exciting and more satisfying. Goddess, you give femdom a good name and are a boon to male improvement. THANK YOU!”

“This program (‘Quick Submit’) is wonderful. I woke up feeling even more submissive and ready to do what my goddess wants…”

“‘Quick Submit’ is another masterpiece from our Goddess. It may be shorter then some of Her other programs but it will leave you with the most amazing feeling afterward. i just feel so submissive and so wonderful. After listing to ‘Quick Submit’ all i wanted to do was to please our Goddess. Thank You so much for this feeling and this amazing program.”

“Goddess has created a very effective session for a husband who wants to be more attentive and responsive to his wife, but is pressed for time.  This session can be done even on a very busy day and is highly effective in increasing a husband’s submission to his wife.”

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