Reviews of My Femdom Hypnosis & Hypnosub MP3s

Below are some of the many favorable comments I’ve received about My hypnosub mp3s and other hypnotic programs. As you’ll read, I have earned tremendous customer loyalty through the unrivaled excellence of My recordings. My listeners return again and again to purchase more sessions, because of My soothing, velvety voice; My creative, original scripts; My expert hypnotic skill; and the high quality of My productions (including the special, hypnotic background music, much of which was composed especially for My projects). Read the reviews, try My programs for yourself, and then come back to this site to leave a review of your own!

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Reviews of Hypnosub MP3s & Femdom Programs by The Hypnosis Goddess

» “i wish i had purchased ‘Instant Hypnoslave’ the very first time i visited Goddess’s site. Instead i waited and just thought about buying it “tomorrow or next week” As a result, i have been really missing out until now. i purchased ‘Instant Hypnoslave’ three days ago and as i write this review i’ve listened to it four times total. From the start i was impressed with the quality of the file and how deep i went into trance. Each time since has been more powerful and blissfull than the last. i am in awe of how deep i went into trance and how amazing it made me feel. i cannot imagine how much more intense it will be a week or a month from now. i’ve listened to others who claim to be hypnodommes over the years and honestly, the closest comparison to Hypnosis Goddess i can think of is like driving a 15 year old economy car on a bumpy road when you could be driven in a Rolls Royce. She is truly the best!!”

» “I have recently completed my first two weeks with your BLISS BOOST mp3 and, with all due respect to the various titles you already possess, I must recommend adding an additional one– Doctor of Blissful Surrender! After my initial training with INSTANT HYPNOSLAVE I was looking forward to the next step in hypnotic submission. My first few days with BLISS BOOST resulted in very pleasant, very relaxing sessions. It quickly accelerated to something much more. On the fifth day of listening I gently dropped deeply into trance. Then as you described ascending the staircase and entering the room suddenly fantasy and reality came together as one. I could see myself reclining in that supremely comfortable chair and feel the changes taking place within me as you adjusted the intensity, my trance level and magnified my feelings of bliss, contentment and peace. The most apt comparison I can offer is that listening to your wonderful voice is like being hooked up to an IV of bliss. As your words drip into my mind I feel better and better, not just about submission but life in general. Thank you for this amazing gift! Continuing the medical analogy one step further, I have noticed a timed-release element to my experience. Though I feel very good at the conclusion of our session, my feelings are much stronger and more intense the next morning about an hour before I awaken. That is one terrific wake-up call!! Here’s hoping you will continue prescribing and delivering your patented version of BLISS for many years to come!”

» “There are many who pose as hypnodommes, but there is only one who really knows what she is doing, and this MP3 proves it. I have always been interested in this, and tried a few offerings, only to be disappointed. ‘Hypnosub #1’ is tantalizing and exciting and gives a fantastic introduction to trancing and hypnotic dominance and submission…”

» “One of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. I do not know how to begin to thank you. It has been 4 hours since I listened and I still feel like I am floating on a cloud. You are amazing. I am looking forward to listening to it everyday. I had never been hypnotized before and the experience you have given me is overwhelming. Thank you…”

» “I recently purchased your ‘Hypnosub 1′ mp3 and wow, it is incredible. I hate to say it but I have listened to other female hypnodommes but you are truly, honestly, the most talented. Your voice is incredible. I listened to it for the first time tonight and NEVER before have I felt like that…with any hypnotist. It was incredible! I honestly was unable to move a muscle and all I wanted to do was obey. I don’t know how to explain it. I listened to it a second time and I was under before you hit ’13’. You are great!! Thanks, Goddess!”

» “First and foremost, it is important to delineate between the products and approach to the hypnosis d/s fetish used by Hypnosis Goddess and those that most fetishists encounter within the small community of hypno-fetishists. With most internet based entrepreneurs and products there is, in fact, seldom much actual hypnosis involved at all. Far from being a shocking thing, most hypno-fetishists accept this, even come to expect it from those persons advertising themselves as practitioners of ‘erotic hypnosis’. For this majority there is little or no concern by the practitioners with actually bringing their client into an hypnotic state. For them the function of erotic hypnosis is to provide their fetishist clients with a favorable backdrop, a role-playing framework which allows persons aroused by the very idea of hypnosis to integrate it into their absorption of erotica. This is not the point of ‘Hypnosub #1’. Nor for that matter is it the purpose or design of any of the mp3s produced by Goddess. The exact purpose of each varies slightly, but they all share a common trait which will, strange as it may seem, surprise many if not most fetishists. They are all intended to facilitate, and if used properly and with an open mind by someone with a genuine interest will facilitate entrance into an hypnotic state in which the subject is able to experience heightened responsiveness to suggestions including suggestions centering on sexuality, personal pleasure, and submissive behavior. In order to better structure these experiences for hypno-fetishists the mp3s produced by Hypnosis Goddess are designed to account for limited experience with hypnosis, allowing persons with little or no experience with hypnosis and/or hypnotic d/s, to explore and refine their own abilities to experience hypnotic states. This is where the real story of ‘Hypnosub#1’ begins. Unlike hypno-fantasy scripts used as ‘inductions’ by other offshoots of the community, ‘Hypnosub#1’ employs a number of techniques to allow the subject to engage intellectually and interactively with the process of entering into and reinforcing their hypnotic state. Not surprisingly, this reflects the artist’s extensive experience with hypnosis outside of the fetish domain…Also unsurprisingly it makes the style of induction far more effective and easier to appreciate in terms of recognizable results. For those with a real interest in this area, ‘Hypnosub#1’ genuinely is a must have…For first-timers, repeated listening over time is a must as it allows for the oppurtunity to experience improvements in personal responsiveness as well as personal enjoyment, both of which this program is very effective at inducing a change in…”

» “This morning i had my deepest mp3 session with You to date, while listening again to ‘Hypnosub 1’. i just went off… hearing You in the background while floating through the session in a cloud of bliss, being led around by Your angelic voice. More and more now, whatever You say in session just *seems to happen* to my body and mind, and surrendering into this experience is a most wonderful feeling…”

» “i’ve recently purchased several of your MP3s, and i just had to write this note to tell You how wonderful it has felt over these past few days listening to them. Your work is utterly captivating and magical. Your beautiful voice is the embodiment of bliss itself—i think my pituitary gland needs to send out for more endorphins…The program that i am most affected by at the moment is ‘HypnoSub 1’, and i am drifting further and further away each time i hear it. Having less emphasis on following a fantasy, it allows me to simply concentrate on Your voice and on accepting Your suggestions, and to immerse myself deeper and deeper into the soft, warm cocoon that You spin…”

» “i am absolutely ecstatic about ‘Hypnosub 1’. Since my very first listening session i’ve experienced three of the most contented and carefree days that i have had in a loong time. =) i am pleasantly surprised at how charged up and excited i become just thinking about my ‘quiet time’ with You each day and i know that every time pulls me deeper and deeper into Your Control. Thank You so very, very, very much for affording me this wonderful opportunity, Goddess. i am looking forward to hearing more and more of Your Velvety Soft Voice!”

» “i feel the need to thank You for allowing me to purchase Your mp3 ‘Hypnosub 1’. It is an amazing piece of work and i have listened to it daily since purchasing it last week. i am becoming aware that i am gradually becoming addicted to Your Voice. i have tried other hypnodommes in the past, and none have yet inspired my submissive nature as You have in this one recording. Thank You for creating it to share that incredible warm, enveloping Voice of Yours with the world…”

» “Oh wow, oh wow. i just finished listening to ‘Hypnosub 1’ and i feel like i have never felt before! i can’t describe it exactly but it’s like some sort of under-current that You have created that drives me to want to be just *totally* submissive to You. Thank You and thank You for doing such wonderful work, and i feel so lucky to have found You…”

» “i was enjoying the trances of ‘Subspace#1’, but am blown away by ‘Hypnosub#2’! You take me, then take me deeper, then even deeper, and every time i feel i am at a level of comfortable deepness, You take me even deeper still. i found myself responding rather well to Your suggestions, and when You said that i was hard for You, i certainly was! i had a wonderful release last night, and am contemplating another right now. i am at work, but will sneak away and send You more of my sexual energy…”

» “Oh Mistress, i am just completely powerless before Your magnificence. ‘Hypnosub #2’ is exactly my hypno fantasy, and i am melted completely for Your Velvety Voice and Bewitching Words. i so crave Your Velvety voice that mesmerizes me all day long in my head. Thank You Mistress again for giving us lowly hypnosubs such wonderful gifts as Your mp3s. Every time You snap Your wonderful fingers it is like my mind shifts down one level into deeper obedience for Your voice…”

» “‘Hypnosub 1 & 2’ both have delighted me these last few months, and though i am not the most natural hypnosis subject ever, persistence has paid off, and i am able to release myself into an enveloping, permeating trance with Your Guidance by Your Voice. Thank You for sharing your passion with me…”

» “‘Hypnosub 2’ is a devastating, take charge piece of work. my mind is blown. You have total control of my body. Any shred of resistance to Your power is totally gone. i would kiss Your feet at the snap of Your fingers!”

» “Your induction on the ‘Subspace 1’ MP3 is unbelievable. i go so deep and feel so relaxed all i want to do is make You happy. Your voice is beautiful and captivating…”

» “Your ‘Deeper’ session is incredibly wonderful!! i feel so relaxed and focused on Your voice within minutes of listening to it, but do not remember hearing anything that even sounds like an induction —all i remember is a deep feeling of submission and compliance to You when i awaken…Your talents are incredible, Goddess!”

» “When i was able to finally listen to and fully appreciate ‘Deeper’, i was blown away. You have set high expectations of the level of quality of production and skill of trance and control—and have surpassed it again! With the headphones on, it felt like You were not only deepening my trance and increasing Your control, it felt like You were walking around in my mind, wandering back and forth, arranging things to fit Your needs. Every time i would be excited listening to Your instructions and commands, You would hit me with another round of ‘Deeper…deeper…’ shoving my mind into a depth of trance i have never been able to reach before in a recording. This MP3 is about reinforcement of Your commands, Your desires, Your control; i can see how the ‘Hypnosub’ series is required before this and headphones are a must! Thank You again so much for creating something that is so devious, so alluring, so entrancing, so satisfying, so controlling and so needed…”

» “‘Deeper’ is not an easy recording to review. It is so different from Goddess’s other programs. Once you start, it is like you are in a spiral, following Her voice downward inside your head. Stop thinking, go along for the ride let her think for you. Her wonderful, powerful voice coming at you from all directions all at once or back and forth like a pendulum and your mind trying to catch hold, but it’s not possible. you are assaulted every second by command after command after command. Trigger word after trigger word until all your mind can do is follow. Be ready to start responding as soon as you get those headphones on, there is no chance to prepare. This could also be called ‘Bigger’, because that’s what your sex will become. It’s fun and exciting to submit, to hear Goddess’s voice inside your head. Let go and be completely enthralled and captivated and totally excited…”

» “i just had an amazing experience while listening to Your ‘Deeper’ MP3! Usually i can feel myself repeatedly surrendering to You as i enter into a trance, but this MP3 pushed me to even greater depths of hypnosis! i felt my body falling backwards further and further down, with images of You and Your voice surrounding me from every direction. i don’t have an exact recollection of every detail (i think that i was too far under to remember), but the experience was intense—Your use of surround sound in the headphones really dropped me deeply into the trance, but the best touch was that the MP3 doesn’t wake me up at the end—it just continues deeper and deeper! Thank You for another Masterpiece—Your MP3’s just keep getting better and better!”

» “OMG! ‘Addicted’ is hypnotic mescaline! All i can say is that i want to hear this recording again, right now; and i love hearing the word *Obey* in Your overpoweringly sexy voice. The whole time i was lost in trance, i loved every unexpected moment. In fact, i’m still feeling a little light headed from the experience. i won’t give away anything, but it went beyond my expectations and is even more powerful than ‘Deeper’. i can’t stop thinking about it and want to write about every little nuance of this magnificent program. You are truly skilled and devilishly crafty my ONE TRUE Goddess! i think my head will pop off if i include ‘Deeper’ in the mix. IEYA! guys, if you are ready for Her more advanced programs, i strongly suggest you buy Goddess’s most hypnotic masterpiece…”

» “I have experienced all 3 of your ‘Submission’ series and 2 of your ‘Subspace’ series. I have loved every one of them. They just get better and better every time I listen to them. I never thought hypnosis could be so good…”

» “‘Subspace 1’ is very powerful in stimulating an immediate and focused release to submission as my recognition and appreciation of my true Mistress dominates my awareness. It’s end affect leaves me very excited and in awe of the power of my Mistress over me…”

» “I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your talents. I have purchased ‘Deep Hypnotic Conditioning’, ‘Subspace 1’, and ‘Subspace 2’ over the past several months and have enjoyed every minute of time spent with them (and you). You are a gifted Hypnotist, and your remarkable female power transcends so well, I just can’t resist. The website is brilliant! You are light years above the rest. Thank you, so much…”

» “i just wanted to share my experience with Goddess’s ‘SubSpace 1’ mp3. When She states that it takes 3 weeks before you feel the effects of Her Hypnotic suggestions, She is absolutely on the mark! For the first week or two, i kept with the program listening daily but had doubts about the effectiveness of the program. Boy was i blown away when about the middle of the 3rd week i went into the deepest trance i have ever experienced! Finally i had gotten to the state which i had read about and secretly hoped for!! It was as if it took about 2 weeks for me to let go of my resistance and trust the induction. After letting my guard down, i was able to blissfully let Mistress take over and guide me to where i needed to go. Since that fateful day several weeks ago, i continue to go deeper and deeper into Mistress’s Hypnotic Spell. It has been the most wonderful blessing i have recently experienced in my life…”

» “i just listened to ‘Subspace Two: Goddess Worship’ for the first time. It was amazing. You made me feel happiness with a depth of emotion that surprised me. It felt so real, so genuine. It was as if the feelings weren’t of me, but all around me somehow. As You looked at me and spoke, tears of joy welled up in my eyes. i don’t know if it was from something in my past or it was just that moment, but You touched on something that gave me great joy. Thank You so very much…”

» “‘Subspace 2’ is a wonderful induction. i have found Your voice to be enthralling, captivating and mesmerizing. i have also found that there is a pleasurable effect in writing to You about how this affects me. Like a secondary reinforcement. Nice…”

» “Although i was never a macho type of guy, this recording has changed my behavior permanently in a direction that i have more respect for women that do not attract me physically…”

» “i’m on my third day of listening to ‘Subspace 2’ and it just keeps getting better and better. i want to thank You from the bottom of my heart, it feels so good to listen to Your Blissful and Dreamy voice and to imagine the sparkling and wonderful Hypnosis Goddess enchanting me and letting me worship Her. Thank You, Goddess…”

» “i wanted to tell You how wonderful You are and how much i enjoy listening to Your ‘Subspace 2’ mp3. Listening to Your enchanting voice this evening is such a wonderful way to conclude the day. Each time i listen to it i become more aware of Your power and the power all Women have over men. Your guidance is greatly appreciated…”

» “I have just last evening listened to ‘SubSpace 2’ for the second time, and the way in which You have compelled me to write this short note of praise and devotion is deliciously arousing and exciting. All of Your commands grow stronger in me each day. i want this, and i find it thrilling. i feel more and more submissive to You each day, and am having increasingly blissful and powerful experiences as i work with Your programs…”

» “Goddess, i have been listening to ‘Subspace 2: Goddess Worship’ for several months now. (Along with several other of Your recordings) This morning i had the most incredible experience of all. i went into trance and just floated off with YOUR voice and the music and let go completely. All women are GODDESSES and you are the Best. i have no idea what other people expect but i was so caught up in the experience and so much pleasure came to me i can’t express it. my body seemed to take on a life of its own, my whole body and mind were involved in this. i have never felt so hard or excited by such an experience before. Your voice flowing through my head and the feelings coursing through my body at the same time and enjoying both. THANK YOU SO MUCH…”

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