Submission 1 MP3

Submission #1 – Programmed to Obey

{Part 1 in a Series of 3} Imagine yourself in a black limousine, on your way to a special appointment with a sultry, seductive exec, a high-tech computer and a wicked selection of software, and you’ll be inside “Submission #1”. Hypnotic suggestions focus on increased *submission*, with light arousal & voice conditioning… Note: This is not intended as a “beginner’s hypnosis program”. Start with “Instant Hypnoslave”. Guided hypnosis with soft music in the background. *Adults only.* Not to be listened to while driving! 

For best results, train first with either the Blissful Hypnoslave SET or the Hypnosub SET. Then use the Submission series in order (1, then 2, then 3).

NOTE: My hypnosub programs are for MALES ONLY. I do NOT session with females or couples, and all of My erotic hypnosis programs were written for MALES. There is NO feminization on ANY of My programs.

Sample Clip of “Submission 1”:

Submission 1 MP3 • Approx. 35 mins.
“Submission 1” is also available in the Submission SET!

Customer Comments:

» “I downloaded ‘Submission 1 and 2’ last week and I have to say that the inductions on both were awesome. I loved the way they played with my mind…”

» “i was not prepared for the level of trance and arousal which completely took over me and it was so amazing to realize how deeply Her conditioning had affected me over time. Nothing quite prepared me for the level of trance i achieved in ‘Submission 1’—the cumulative effect of Her conditioning took me above and beyond where i thought i could even go.”

» “i just listened to ‘Submission 1: Programmed to Obey’—it’s fantastic…The induction is very different, effective, and sensual…”

» “What first starts like one of Your other recordings soon turns into something completely different and off the charts amazing. The visual images that come alive in my mind are 1000% stronger then any of Your other programs. As You describe the events and actions in this mp3 the depth of trance only gets deeper and deeper. The desire to listen more and feel more is so strong. Again Your creative talents and audio quality are perfect. The depth in which You take us in this recording is unsurpassed in anything that i have listened to, just amazing. Thank You for another amazing, creative, and flawless product. Looking forward to ‘Submission 2’ and ‘3’, but know that i must train with this program as i have the other mp3s…”

» “Downloaded ‘Submission 1’ last night late and could not wait to tell You how wonderful an experience this one is!!! i am at a total loss for words with ‘Submission 1’ and everything it contains and is about. At first i thought wow sensory overload and so much to think about during the induction but You had me from the beautiful numbers…i have always felt the need and want to progress but this time i am so eager to learn and practice and these weeks prior to moving to ‘Submission 2’ will feel like forever but understand the need to take everything in. i just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You again for a wonderful, creative and super visual experience nothing but the best from You Goddess…”

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