Submission 3 MP3

Submission #3 – Power Play

{Part 3 in a Series of 3} This is NOT a stand-alone or beginner’s program—it is the third part in a three-part, ADVANCED story series. A red hot continuation of Submission 1 & 2! The training, buttons & excitement progress… More erotic hypnosis suggestions for increased *submission*, mental bondage, nipple play & cum on command. Note: This is not intended as a “beginner’s hypnosis program”. Train with “Instant Hypnoslave” first. (Guided hypnosis with soft music in the background. *Adults only.*) Not to be listened to while driving!

Sample Clip of “Submission 3”:

For best results, train first with either the Blissful Hypnoslave SET or the Hypnosub SET. Then use the Submission series in order (1, then 2, then 3).

NOTE: My hypnosub programs are for MALES ONLY. I do NOT session with females or couples, and all of My erotic hypnosis programs were written for MALES. There is NO feminization on ANY of My programs.

Submission 3 MP3 • Approx. 48 mins.
“Submission 3” is also available in the Submission SET!

Customer Comments:

» “This is a fantastic recording! Creative and powerful, seductive and erotic…”

» “I found it incredibly powerful, maybe the deepest I’ve gone outside of a phone session. Highly recommended for those with ‘edgy’ tastes…”

» “Wonderful. You are a creative genius. As I type I’m still feeling blissfully submissive and the program ended 10 minutes ago…”

» “Having progressed to ‘Submission 3’, I am speechless, words fail me in my attempts to give adequate praise and credit to a most sensual and captivating creation…”

» “i have been so excited to download ‘Submission 3’ since starting with number 1 in the series. i was trembling from the moment the download email arrived. This program is just beyond words with everything that is loaded into it. The emotions, visuals, and fantasies in this one were simply amazing and off the charts in my opinion. The induction is one of Your most unique—it seems harmless—but WOW what a kicker. You always take us down into deep places in a creative format each and every time. The limo ride was special with many new twists and a new side of the office You have taken us to in past sessions. Hearing You whisper in our ear and walk the room while we wear the new gear You gave to us is just mind melting. All of this in preparation for the dynamic remote that You so teasingly use on us. You play with us and even take us to new emotions and feelings. i won’t give away the end but i am so amazed and thankful for Your talents and how You use them to control our minds and bodies. This is more than a classic, it’s true perfection Goddess. i like how You get a little more rough with us in this program. The teasing is stronger then any other program and i enjoyed it so much. i love the mental bondage and the tight hood that You ask us to place over our head. What a program! Thank You…”

» “Very sexy. i love how You play with me; it’s very intimate and pleasurable. Overall, this program teases me to the point where i’m sore all over. In this regard it is very enjoyable…”

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