UPDATED OCTOBER 26, 2015: All orders are now processed and filled through NiteFlirt. I do not see your real name or email address. I only see your NF ID and what you ordered. I do not fill your orders and orders are not sent to your email address. Orders are paid for through NiteFlirt and files are downloaded from NiteFlirt. Please order carefully and follow the instructions posted on NiteFlirt.

IMPORTANT SUPPORT NOTE: Having difficulties receiving or downloading your mp3 order? First make sure you have checked your NiteFlirt account page and have downloaded all the files available there. (After you pay for a file in NiteFlirt, you then must download it from NiteFlirt. The files will not be emailed to you.) Here is the related NiteFlirt support page:
Finding & Purchasing Goodies on NiteFlirt.

If your question still isn’t answered after carefully reading this page, request support VIA NITEFLIRT. (Submit a Support Request on the NiteFlirt site.)

Please read these guidelines *before* you place your first order through this site:

1) Orders are filled instantly by NiteFlirt, upon completion of your order. After your order is processed, your file/s will become available to play or download on your NiteFlirt account page. This is important: your mp3 files WILL NOT BE EMAILED TO YOU. You must find them inside NiteFlirt and download them.

2) If you email Me saying you didn’t receive your files, I am going to send you a link to the support page on the NiteFlirt site. I cannot email you the files. (That was the old system!) You have to download the files yourself from inside your NiteFlirt account.

3) “MP3s” are downloadable files. MP3s do NOT get sent to you via “snail mail” or “on a disk”. All files purchased from this site are now delivered via NiteFlirt, which means you must download them yourself from your NF account page.

4) It is your responsibility to get your file downloaded and to make a back-up of it *immediately*. If you fail to do this, you will not be sent a new link, nor will your order be refunded.