Trance Tamer MP3

Trance Tamer – Submission Enhancer

#3 In The Blissful Hypnoslave Training SET

I created “Trance Tamer” in response to many requests for a program that focuses specifically on enhancing submission (especially for “alpha males”). It will not “make you submissive”, but it will help you to access your existing submissive side quickly and easily and enhance your enjoyment of submission. Also, for those who desire to serve as My hypnosub (and belong to My hypnosub members-only community), “Trance Tamer” is required training. It begins with a meaningful visualization and contains powerful, direct hypnotic commands for how to behave in My Realm, how to balance your “real life” and your “hypnotic life”, and how to treat Me and all women as the Goddesses we are.

“Trance Tamer” is best used after conditioning with “Instant Hypnoslave”. It combines the most powerful suggestions from My previous submission recordings: “Hypnosub 3” and “Subspace 2”. It is the third program in My new training trilogy and may be purchased alone or as part of the “Blissful Hypnoslave Set”.

Guided hypnosis with soft music in the background. *Adults only.* Not to be listened to while driving!

NOTE: My hypnosub programs are for MALES ONLY. I do NOT session with females or couples, and all of My erotic hypnosis programs were written for MALES. There is NO feminization on ANY of My programs.

Sample Clip of “Trance Tamer”:

Trance Tamer MP3 • Approx. 34 mins.

Customer Comments:

» “Why do i love TRANCE TAMER? Let me count the ways:
1) having sessioned faithfully with INSTANT HYPNOSLAVE & BLISS BOOST i had begun to understand what total relaxation felt like…or so i thought. In my 3rd week with TRANCE TAMER i had the most sublime experience of being completely relaxed & completely focused. It was the first time i could comprehend the concept of floating in trance. Amazing!
2) In addition to being enjoyable to listen to, i find TRANCE TAMER (and Your other Programs) to be educational. It is stunning how You take ordinary words (like ‘sleep’ or ‘submission’) and transform them into beautiful sounds with deeper meaning and greater significance. (my favorite has to be surrr-rennn-derrr.) You have expanded my understanding of the word ‘submissive’ far beyond simply ‘giving up’. To me, it now means choosing to serve, to understand, appreciate and focus on others and less on myself. Which leads to…
3) i used to think the submissive desires i felt were strange, meant something was wrong with me and were something i should be ashamed of. With Your Aid, i am now able to accept the submissive aspect of my personality as a beautiful (and useful) part of my overall being.
4) my favorite thing about TRANCE TAMER is Your Ability to encourage a greater awareness of opportunities for service. i don’t have to settle for doing only what’s easy for me nor do i have to run around manufacturing things to do for women. i simply need to prepare, be aware, attentive and ready to serve when the opportunity arises. i also appreciate how You underscore the importance of maintaining proper balance between hypnotic life and everyday life.
Let me conclude by saying, i believe i am a good man. You are helping me become a better man. Thank You!”

» “It is so easy and sweet to be guided by Her wonderful hypnotic and irresistible voice into a world of blissful submission to Her will. She gives me a sense of purpose in serving not only Her, my one Goddess, but also in pleasing every woman, enhancing my adoration for them. Thank You, Goddess, for sharing with us another gem!”

» “When i downloaded Your new ‘Trance Tamer’ mp3 and started to listen to it, i was captured by Your powerful, velvety voice at once, no choice to escape, falling very deep. When i was in trance i found myself so very open to Your suggestions and commands and reacting to them – no doubt – You are The Hypnosis Goddess. Yes, ‘Trance Tamer’ is another wonderful and great hypnotic artwork, leading me softly but irresistibly into deeper submission by demonstrating how strongly and completely You are controlling me. i was not aware of this before. Like all of Your recordings it is of highest technical quality. Thank You very much for creating this wonderful recording.”

» “Goddess, i don’t know how to thank You for this special mp3. i have listened to it only once now, but i feel so happy and blissful to be in Your realm. You have kindly taught me how beneficial it is to be under Your control. i feel so energized toward my job today, thinking of coming back to You after the day’s work and relaxing. You have taught me the way of life i should pursue and i happily follow. You are for me like the eternal source to whom i come back to every possible occasion to relax and revitalise myself. Thank You so much once again!”

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