Tribute – Financial Domination Hypnosis MP3


Tribute – Erotic Financial Domination Hypnosis

Like “Deeper”, “Addicted”, and “Bliss”, “Tribute” was created in a style I refer to as “overwhelming ear candy“. It’s My Velvety Voice, enhanced with layers, echo and panning. The effects are especially intense if you wear a headset when listening. “Tribute” is backed with its own unique, hypnotic music and can be looped endlessly. (It also works well following “Bliss”.) “Tribute” is an intense financial domination hypnosis session. It will stimulate a deep trance and extreme arousal, then deliver irresistible commands to pay a tribute. There is no formal “awakening” at the end, so you can loop the program as long as you’d like. “Tribute” requires that the listener access the internet during the session, in order to obey My Commands. This program is erotic and VERY INTENSE. Can be looped on its own, or with “Bliss”, “Deeper” and/or “Addicted”. (For best results, be sure to train with my previous mp3s *first*.) Hypnosis with soft background music. *Adults only.* Not to be listened to while driving!

Sample Clip of “Tribute”:


“Tribute” is an ADVANCED HYPNOSIS PROGRAM, NOT for beginners. For best results, first train with My Level 1 recordings. This mp3 is NOT intended to be used without pre-conditioning, as there is NO FORMAL INDUCTION on it and the majority of its triggers are set in previous recordings.

TIP: Listen to “Tribute” with headphones to get the FULL HEAD TRIP!

NOTE: My hypnosub programs are for MALES ONLY. I do NOT session with females or couples, and all of My erotic hypnosis programs were written for MALES. There is NO feminization on ANY of My programs.

Tribute MP3 • Approx. 18 mins.

Customer Comments:

» “Tribute’ is yet another brilliant mp3! It is very powerful and extremely hypnotic for those of us who have trained with all of Goddess’s previous mp3’s. Your ears will be filled with all of Goddess’s powerful triggers which will sound like music to your ears, interspersed in between them all are those all powerful new triggers that will lead you oh so beautifully into willlingly sending Your Goddess the tributes that she so richly deserves. Be warned she describes it as intense and it is! but it is also very lovely!”

» “This is not a recording that i’d recommend for listening to night after night, for reasons that will be obvious; but of all Goddess’s recordings, this is the one that gives me the most intense experiences. i purchased this one morning before work. When i’ve downloaded an mp3, i like to listen to a bit of it right away to make sure the download was successful. So I figured i’d listen to a few minutes, then turn it off and go to work. But Goddess’s voice just sucked me in, and pretty soon I’m slumped in a chair listening to it on headphones. As the multi-layered suggestions pile one onto another, the desire to send a tribute started to build. i started to think how powerful this would be if i was looking at my favorite picture of Goddess. Hardly had i formed this thought when, lo and behold, Her voice directed me to open my favorite picture of her. It was like She was reading my mind, because She knows how weak this one picture makes me. i couldn’t resist complying with Her command, even though i knew i was heading for dangerous territory. Once i had opened the picture and Her voice continued its seductive suggestions, i just got weaker and weaker. By this time, i was pretty much toast, and there was no doubt i was going to end up sending Her a tribute. Just when the pressure to tribure Her was becoming unbearable, like She was reading my mind, She directed me to send the tribute. i have a standard range of money that i spend when i tribute Her, but on this occasion it didn’t seem enough. A certain number sort of popped into my blank mind, and just like that, the tribute was sent. The wave of pleasure i felt when i completed the tribute was incredible.”

» “Goddess’s new mp3, “Tribute,” is so intense it’s almost unfair.”

» “OMG this recording is irresistible! The tribute is sent… incredible feelings! Thank You Dear Goddess for this experience.”

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