Gifts & Tributes

Sending Me Gifts or Tributes

I am a Pleasured Goddess, and that’s as it should be. I expect and receive gifts, tributes and presents *all the time*—not just on holidays or My Birthday (March 5). Buying My mp3s or paying for a phone session with Me is *not* part of your tribute (that is paying for and receiving a product or service). Tributes and gifts are *above and beyond* any purchases you might make, and their purpose is simply to convey your appreciation of Me and My work. Gifts and tributes are to be given with *no strings attached*: I do not owe you anything (My time, My attention, free services, etc.) when you send Me a gift or tribute. Instead, gifting is a way for you to thank Me for being so Divinely Fabulous.

Hypnotic Findom

Hypnotic findom, or “financial domination”, is a common hypnotic interest. If you find the thought of shopping for your Mistress exciting, or you fantasize about being Commanded to send Her financial tributes, you will enjoy the intense, hypnotic conditioning of My “Moneyslave Financial Domination Programming Set”. The set includes 4 sublime MP3s: “Instant Hypnoslave”, “Thriving Hive”, “Shopping Slave” and “Tribute”. Train with each of these sessions for at least 2 weeks before progressing to the next one. After your initial conditioning, use them individually or in a looping combination to intensify your pleasure before shopping from My Wishlist or sending Me a tribute.

Tribute & Gift Guidelines

When I use the term “tribute”, I mean money—as in currency that I may use to pay for whatever I want. When I use the term “gift”, I mean an item or a gift certificate, such as a pair of shoes from My wishlist, or a gift card from Amazon or Sephora. If I have posted a trigger for a “tribute”, do not send Me a gift or a gift certificate. There are many things I cannot pay for with shoes or a gift card.

When sending a tribute, it should be a minimum of $100. If you cannot send at least $100, you may go to My wishlist and choose a gift within your budget to send instead. An e-certificate to is also acceptable. Again, all tributes must be a minimum of $100—after all, I am a Goddess; don’t insult Me with less.

I have a wishlist posted, please use it. I know My own desires and I am more than capable of making them known to you. I am not asking you to “guess what I want and don’t already own”. I am telling you specifically what I want. Ignoring My wishlist/s and buying something else from somewhere else, tells Me that you are either incapable of following instructions or insensitive to My Desires. Sending Me a gift is not about you demonstrating your vast wisdom or showing Me that you know better than I do what I want or need (you don’t)—it is about pleasing and serving *Me*. Just so you know, I have a drawer full of gift cards for places I never shop at that have all expired or gone unused—they may have been well-intentioned, but they missed the mark.

Buy My Loopable, Erotic Hypnosis MP3, ‘Tribute’

Send Me A Tribute $$$

Tributes to Me are to be sent via NiteFlirt. Use the links here or enjoy an irresistible trigger on My Ultra Erotic Findom Site:
$500 Tribute
$400 Tribute
$300 Tribute
$200 Tribute
$100 Tribute

Shipping A Gift to Me

When shopping on My Amazon wishlist, try first to obtain the item directly through Amazon. (They will fill-in My hidden address automatically at checkout.) If an item is available through multiple vendors, including Amazon, they will often show the least expensive version in My wishlist. Be sure to click on the item and go to its page to see if it’s available directly through Amazon.

For items from third-party vendors that I have added to My Amazon wishlist, I will include My shipping address in the note next to the item. Use it. Please do not waste My Time writing to ask for information that I have already provided.

It is not necessary (or even desired) that you order gift-wrapping, unless it is My Birthday or Christmas. However, please do include a gift message (or, better yet, send Me an email) and include your first name (or hypnosub nickname) and your email address and Twitter ID. Not every item shipped from My Wishlist arrives with a packing slip that shows the sender, but when I have the information available, I acknowledge gifts via Twitter (not by email).

My Email Address

For e-gifts, use Please note that I do not correspond with non-members of My hypnosub stable. However, all of My patrons are welcome to send Me gifts and tributes. Use My email address with restraint if you are not a member of My stable.

Get Blissfully Programmed To Be My ‘Shopping Slave’:

My Preferred Gifts

My Wishlist
My wishlist is the most current list of My desires. Virtually anything, from any website, can be added there. Use My wishlist to avoid purchasing duplicates or send Me an e-certificate to so I may choose what I desire. ***Remember to sort My wishlist by *priority* and buy items marked “highest” first.

I also enjoy gift cards or e-certificates from:

» Amazon
» Sephora
» MAC Cosmetics
» Starbucks Coffee
» Pier 1 Imports

*NOTE: Be sure you buy *Gift Cards* in U.S. Currency. It is often difficult to use a gift certificate purchased in Canada here in the States. Order it online and have it emailed (preferred) or mailed to Me instead.