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Congratulations, you’ve found The Best, The Hypnotic Siren of your Dreams. I am The Hypnosis Goddess, a Professional Hypnodomme (Hypnotic Dominant/Dominatrix or “Mistress”), Certified Hypnotherapist, and Nationally Performing Stage Hypnotist, who has amazed thousands on stage, tv, radio, NiteFlirt, and at numerous fetish cons for over 20 years. Though others often attempt to imitate Me, no other woman in the world has yet come close to My Expertise. This site features My many original Femdom Hypnosis mp3s and videos, the highest quality erotic hypnosis recordings available anywhere. (Other Mistresses and your male subs: I also have hypnotic training mp3s for you.) Get your daily dose of hypnotic bliss: melt to My erotic hypnosis mp3s, subScribe to My NF+ Worship Shrine, and visit this site often for the latest HG News and Updates. See availability links below to call Me on NiteFlirt. (Note that pre-training is REQUIRED before I will grant you a live call.)

“There are many who pose as hypnodommes, but there is only one who really knows what she is doing, and this MP3 proves it. I have always been interested in this, and tried a few offerings, only to be disappointed. ‘Hypnosub #1’ is tantalizing and exciting and gives a fantastic introduction to trancing and hypnotic dominance and submission…”

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“I recently purchased your ‘Hypnosub 1′ mp3 and wow, it is incredible. I hate to say it but I have listened to other female hypnodommes but you are truly, honestly, the most talented. Your voice is incredible. I listened to it for the first time tonight and NEVER before have I felt like that…with any hypnotist. It was incredible! I honestly was unable to move a muscle and all I wanted to do was obey. I don’t know how to explain it. I listened to it a second time and I was under before you hit ’13’. You are great!! Thanks, Goddess!”

Get my book 'Hypnodomme' on Amazon Now!

Get My Book ‘Hypnodomme’ On Amazon Now

‘Hypnodomme: Memoirs Of A Professional Hypnotic Dominatrix’: For the first time ever, a real hypnodomme shares a frank, comprehensive look at the world of femdom hypnosis! For more than fifteen years, the Hypnosis Goddess was one of the world’s top professional hypnodommes (AKA hypnotic dominatrix), operating from her web realm at hypnosisgoddess.com. During those years, she hypnotized hundreds of men over the phone, via her expert hypnotic mp3s, through text chats and mesmerizing graphics, and, very rarely, on TV, in person at conventions, in hotel rooms, and, once, in the back of a limo that was circling the Las Vegas Strip. As a successful Hypnodomme, she not only made a good living financially, but also enjoyed fabulous benefits, such as the thousands of wishlist gifts (literally—thousands!) sent by her many patrons and the thrill of hypnotizing and dominating wealthy, powerful men. (The wardrobe was incredibly fun, too!) In this revealing book, she honestly addresses: the hypnosis fetish, femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, live phone sessions, hypnosis mp3s, financial domination, wishlists, tributes, in-person sessions, her personal RL experiences with submissive men and fetishists, and much, much more…! Buy It On Amazon NOW.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5.0 out of 5 stars “One of the great Hypnodommes tells all about it…”
“I’ve been eagerly awaiting this book ever since Hypnosis Goddess revealed her intention to write it. The book came out while I was on vacation with my wife. I downloaded it immediately, but I found the first chapter to be so arousing, I had to put it aside until I could finish it in privacy…Hypnosis Goddess began her hypnodomme career during the Golden Age of online hypnodommes, when women like Soforia, Goddess Marquesa, Mistress Dominica, and others were pioneering new ways of leveraging their hypnotic skills. I respect all those women, but for me, Hypnosis Goddess stood out from the crowd. Now there are hundreds of women trying to copy the success of those first few women, but most of them don’t seem to know very much about hypnosis other than the fact that they want to advertise that they do it…If you are curious about what it might have been like to be hypnotized by her, the book contains tantalizing excerpts from the scripts of some of her representative recordings. These excerpts cannot truly convey the feeling of being hypnotized by her, but they will give the reader some idea of the range of themes available from her via recordings or live sessions…As another reviewer pointed out, no one else has written a book like this…”


4/26/24 – Work on this new site continues. Main framework is almost complete. Sound clips and “Rules of My Realm” are being added momentarily. Watch for My upcoming blog with articles about Femdom Hypnosis, Female Domination, Goddess Worship and more.

3/16/24 – This site is brand new! I will add basic functionality first AND THEN all the pretty stuff. Check back often to see the progress. ~HG

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