HypnosisGoddess Rules of The Realm


These are the basic rules every subject in My Realm must follow. I provide a more detailed explanation of the mindset behind these policies in the next section.

1. I am The Goddess and you are the submissive. It pleases you to please Me. You want whatever I want.

2. The information here is the newest, latest version of My Rules.
I am not going to re-record My MP3 Masterpieces because of a change in title or social media. It is up to you to remember that a Goddess is always evolving and to learn My current preferences.

3. My title is “Hypnosis Goddess”.
On all public media (especially reviews left on NF), refer to Me only as HypnosisGoddess (no space), because that is My exact NF ID and all worker bees must enthusiastically promote My Brand. In private messages, you may address Me as Goddess or Domina. Do not use My first name anywhere. (I have not gone by “Lady C—” for more than a decade.) Remember: My title and My brand is “Hypnosis Goddess”; My primary web address is hypnosisgoddess.com; My ID on NiteFlirt is HypnosisGoddess. So guess what I want you to promote…? Not “Lady Something”, but HYPNOSISGODDESS. Repeat it to yourself until you remember it flawlessly.

4. Train with My ‘Blissful Hypnoslave SET’ MP3s before calling Me live.
Buy My ‘Blissful Hypnoslave Set’ on NF and use the mp3s in order. Give yourself enough time with each of the three mp3s in the set to become hypnotically conditioned. (Typically at least 7 to 10 days each.) Do not binge carelessly through My mp3 masterpieces or make more purchases without adequate training and posting public feedback. Rushing will not make you a better hypnosub.

5. Always leave enthusiastic feedback on NF for every purchase or call within 48 hours.
Remember to mention Me by NF ID, ‘HypnosisGoddess’, to help promote My Brand. Again, My NF ID is ‘HypnosisGoddess’ (no space). Get it right.

6. “Femdom” means Female Dominance or Dominant.
Femdom Hypnosis is My Area of Expertise. My target is submissive, heterosexual males. Specifically, I prefer devoted, service-oriented submissives, not sensation-sluts or addicts. I do not session with sissies. I do not make feminization mp3s. I’m not into “forced bi”. Likewise, I do not engage in “age play”, “forced intox”, smoking (gross), or blackmail.


This is My Realm and I make The Rules.
I have graced My fortunate subjects with a Glorious Realm that pleases and celebrates Me. Do not expect Me to accommodate or serve you. Anyone may order My programs—those transactions are automatic and I have no control over them. Buying My mp3s does not entitle you to anything but the high-quality products you have paid a reasonable price for. Being My customer does not grant you access to My Time and Attention. If you want to experience My Divine Splendor, you agree to abide by My Rules and to meet My High Standards.

All hypnosubs in My Realm must be gainfully employed (or independently wealthy).
If you lose your job, stop playing on the internet and get out there and find a new one IMMEDIATELY. I am not interested in hearing your excuses or complaints. Have at least two steady streams of income at all times. Life is a pay-to-play sport and My Realm is The Bonus Round. If you want to hang out in The Winner’s Circle, you have to be a winner.

I prefer consistent medium-spenders to those who go crazy, spend all their money buying everything on My Wishlist, and then disappear for several months. I am not your babysitter, your mother, or your accountant—I am a Goddess freely enjoying Herself. I have no idea how much money you earn or what you can afford—but you certainly should. When you want to stop, stop. If you’re not sure, don’t do it. If you’re ambivalent, I’m no longer interested. Don’t ask Me to hold back or to “convince you”. I am going to express My Desires and Commands within My Realm without restraint, and your response is your responsibility.

Address and refer to Me with approved titles only.
I am not automatically your “Mistress” because you’ve followed Me on NF or purchased one mp3. I am also not your buddy, your subordinate, or your girlfriend. I am a Goddess, AKA Professional Hypnodomme. Do not be casual or familiar in your correspondence. On all public media (especially reviews left on NF), refer to Me only as HypnosisGoddess, because that is My exact NF ID (and you are helping to build My Brand). In private messages, you may address Me as Goddess or Domina. Do not use My first name anywhere. (I have not gone by “Lady C—-” for more than a decade.) Remember: My title and My brand is “Hypnosis Goddess”; My primary web address is hypnosisgoddess.com; My ID on NiteFlirt is HypnosisGoddess. So guess what I want you to promote…? Not “Lady Something”, but HYPNOSIS GODDESS. Say it out loud now: Hypnosis Goddess, Hypnosis Goddess, Hypnosis Goddess. Now say, “Thank You, Goddess, for Your training,” and do better henceforth. (A good sub knows there’s always room for improvement in their service.)

I am a Professional and My Time is Valuable. Respect it.
I am The Most Elite Hypnodomme In The World. I expect My devoted subjects to bring A Lot of money to the table. In exchange, you get limited access to My Fabulosity, rarely and when it pleases Me. I’m not here to entertain you. (Hint: it’s the other way around.) My business does not exist to provide you with cheap fantasy fodder. There is a ton of free p*rn and other fantasy material available on the internet; if that’s what you’re looking for, please go elsewhere. When you purchase one of My mp3s, you get one of My mp3s. (Note that I only make about 70% of the price you paid after NiteFlirt fees are deducted.) Spending $28 in My Realm every few years does not entitle you to be My penpal. Again, My Time has Value; Respect It.

Be proactive: if you have a question, read My website thoroughly before writing to Me. Ask yourself if there’s some other way you can solve your issue or answer your question without bothering Me with it. If you’re having a download issue with an order, contact NiteFlirt, not Me. subscribe to My NF+ and actually read My Posts there and the news I post here on My website. Read My website, NiteFlirt profile, and listings to be sure we’re a match before you start ordering My programs or emailing Me about how aroused you are. (Your wants and fantasies don’t interest Me. I care about Me, My Desires, My Money, and My Thriving Hive.)

Before you contact Me, make sure you have not only ordered a program or two (at least), but also left Me glowing feedback for every program you’ve bought. Remember: My Time has value; why would I spend minutes of it personally writing to you when I could be doing something else that makes Me more money or is at least more fun? (Would it be okay with you if I wasted part of your work day with a bunch of trivial email questions that I could answer for Myself with a little effort? What if answering those emails meant your paycheck would be smaller at the end of the month? Would that be okay, too? I doubt it.) Assuming that I have nothing better to do all day than to write personally to you is not thoughtful, submissive, or appreciative of My Talents and Expertise. Therefore, try to limit your emails to those important questions that you absolutely cannot get answered any other way and/or those special requests that you have already paid for with your reviews, gifts and tributes. Notice that I did not say “paid for with your purchases”; when you make a purchase from Me, what you are entitled to is the item you have paid for (mp3 or other file); expecting Me to also grant you some of My Time because you bought something for yourself is not a submissive mindset. (When you buy an album online, do you expect a free email exchange with the musician who recorded it?) Again: buying an mp3 is doing something for you, it is not serving Me.

If you have yet to purchase anything from or for Me, do not contact Me at all. No NF chats or messages. Period. If you are serious, you will follow My instructions and begin your training with My mp3s. If you are not serious, go waste someone else’s time (or, better yet, don’t).

I do not correspond with untrained customers beyond providing necessary order support (for paid, processed orders).
If you are not a regular member of My Realm (which means you subscribed to My NF+, have purchased and used My MP3s, have promptly left Me feedback for all your purchases, and have sent Me a gift or tribute), there will be no email responses, no live chats, no calls. If you have questions, read this website and join My NF+. Do not waste My time with free emails.

Be professional and discreet at all times.
Would you want Me to barge into your place of business dressed in leather with boots and a corset, brandishing a riding crop and shouting commands at you? Really? How about if I started calling you at home? Participating in a fetish online does not give you an excuse to throw class and good manners out the window. I maintain two separate businesses with two separate websites. The other one is vanilla and this one is fetish. Do NOT ever write to My other website concerning anything related to My fetish website, mp3s or business. Do not follow My vanilla persona on social media with an obviously fetish account. If you follow My @HypnosisGoddess account, do so using a tasteful profile picture. I am not interested in viewing unsolicited pornography over My morning tea. Violators of this will be blocked without further explanation. (Yes, I have surmised that rampant exhibitionism may be one of your fetishes; however, undiscerning voyeurism is not one of Mine.)

I work with male submissives only.
I follow My Own Interests and do only the work that truly inspires Me. I do not “switch”. I do not session with, or create submissive programs for, TS’s, females or couples. I do not do feminization or sissification. (More about this in My blog article: Why I Don’t Sissify.) The focus of My work is “Femdom Hypnosis”, which means Female Dominant and male submissive. The only near-exception to this is the line of programs I’ve created for submissive males who serve other Dominas (but that’s because it pleases Me to spread the Femdom around).

I do not schedule sessions without pre-training.
If you wish to make an appointment with Me for a Live Session (on the phone or in-person), be aware that I am especially particular about who I grant in-person sessions to. Absolutely no strangers and no short-notice appointments. Before even asking Me for an in-person session, you should complete your training with My hypnosis mp3s and participate actively in My Realm for a minimum of six months.

I recommend starting with My “Blissful Hypnoslave SET” and using My programs in order.
“Instant Hypnoslave” or the “Blissful Hypnoslave Set” are My basic training programs and they create the foundation for all My other recordings. For best results, these programs should be purchased and used in order. They may be purchased individually or in their sets. Don’t skip around or begin in the middle of a series. (Do not attempt to start with “Hypnosub 2”, or “Submission 3”, for example.) Order My programs in the order they are listed on the main menu. Level I programs are first, followed by Level II programs, and so on.

My Programs must be purchased directly from Me and I WILL check this.
I am the ONLY authorized distributor of My mp3s and videos. The only one. Every single program I have produced is a copyright protected work of art. If you obtained My Programs through some other means (besides buying them directly from Me, via NF), you have stolen from Me and you are a thief, not a submissive. There is no worse insult or disrespect than to steal from Me and there is no satisfactory excuse for doing so. Anyone caught illegally downloading, bootlegging, or “sharing” My files will be permanently ostracized (banned) from My Community and I will NEVER forgive you or remove that ban. NEVER. Think carefully: are you going to honestly support Me, My Talents, My Skills and My Craft, or are you going to be a sneak and a thief, and abuse Me by illegally stealing the programs I have worked so hard to create…?

Spend adequate time training with My programs; don’t rush through them.
I realize My hypnosis programs are amazing and addicting, but if you really want the deepest, most intense results, you will pace your training. If you are not responding to the suggestions in the current program, don’t buy another one yet. Train with the current program daily until you are responding well. This is not a race, it is an exciting adventure. If you rush through it, you will miss out. “Cramming” will not make you a better hypnosub—just the opposite, in fact. Gobbling down My works of art as if they were peanuts in a cheap beer joint means you are a glutton into self-gratification (not a submissive) and I find such behavior disrespectful. If you order a bunch of My programs, fail to leave feedback for each and every one of them, and then immediately submit a request for a phone session, your request will be denied. I expect every potential hypnosub to follow My instructions (because I am The Mistress and you are the sub). You do not know better than I do how to use My programs or how to condition your mind to be a good hypnosub. Obviously, I am not going to stop you from placing orders. Just be aware that if you disregard My guidance and pursue your own rushed regimen, you will not be allowed access to Me, My Time, or Live Sessions, and you will very likely miss out on most of the deeper experience of hypnosis. I have more than fourteen years of experience as a professional hypnodomme. Again, you can trust Me on this: you do not know better than I do how to achieve Real Hypnotic Bliss. Take your time, don’t rush, and enjoy the process.

Maintain a balance and an appropriate separation.
I am your Goddess, not your girlfriend or therapist. Do not discuss your personal relationships or problems with Me. I am not interested in hearing about the trip you’re taking with your wife or what you spent on auto repairs. If you’re not telling Me about the big tribute you just sent Me, don’t discuss money at all.

“HypnosisGoddess is brilliant, beautiful and fascinating. It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to speak with the Goddess and experience the freedom of her hypnotic control.”


Findom (“financial domination”) is an exchange of material power that includes paying tributes and sending Me gifts. The MP3s below will condition you to experience increasing pleasure as you serve Me. In other words, the more you give, the better you will feel.

‘Instant Moneyslave’ MP3 SET

‘Tribute’ MP3

‘Shopping Slave’ MP3

“Had my first phone session with HypnosisGoddess in some time. Her voice still has that unique quality that allows her to take me so deep. That’s when the findom begins in earnest. Great experience!”

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