Lavish, Worship, Adore HypnosisGoddess Findom


As a Goddess, I expect all hypnosubs in My Realm to appreciate Me generously. This includes lavishing Me with gifts and tributes often. A Tribute is money, not a gift card or an item from My wishlist. When I request a Tribute, what I expect is funds that I may use any way I desire. Tributes are given without strings or earmarking. They are Mine to do with what I will and I do not owe you anything in return. Tributes may be paid via NiteFlirt (unless we have a private arrangement). Be aware that NF keeps about 30% of Tributes (and call fees) and adjust accordingly.

$100 Tribute

$200 Tribute

$500 Tribute

$900 Tribute

“HypnosisGoddess is brilliant, beautiful and fascinating. It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to speak with the Goddess and experience the freedom of her hypnotic control.”

HypnosisGoddess Lay Your Gifts at My Feet


Findom (“financial domination”) is an exchange of material power that includes paying tributes and sending Me gifts. The MP3s below will condition you to experience increasing pleasure as you serve Me. In other words, the more you give, the better you will feel.

‘Instant Moneyslave’ MP3 SET

‘Tribute’ MP3

‘Shopping Slave’ MP3

“Had my first phone session with HypnosisGoddess in some time. Her voice still has that unique quality that allows her to take me so deep. That’s when the findom begins in earnest. Great experience!”

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