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This question lands in my inbox about once a month: “Why isn’t it (the hypnosis) working?” The first thing I do, before replying, is to check the sender’s order history. Invariably, I find that they’ve only been “training” for two or three days, maybe a week at most! Now, I ask you, if you had spent most of your life as a couch potato and suddenly joined a gym, would you expect to be in top physical form by day 3 of your training? Week 3? Month 3? And if you weren’t, would you get discouraged and stop going?! Of course not! But for some reason, while most of us understand that physical training takes time to produce perceptible results, many new hypnotic enthusiasts assume that hypnosis will work instantly—like magic!

The biggest reason for this misconception, in My opinion, is the aura of power and magic that we hypnodommes deliberately weave around our work. Think of it like a commercial haunted house at Halloween: if the promoters wish to make money, they’re going to say it’s SCARY, right? They’re not going to point out that the knives and chainsaws are only plastic props, the “zombies” are just actors in costumes, and the blood is fake. That would defeat the purpose. People go to haunted houses in order to experience the thrill of being startled and frightened. To get those feelings, they willingly suspend their disbelief—but, in some part of their minds, they always know they’re not really in a haunted house filled with dangerous, chainsaw-wielding zombies.

We walk a similar line when promoting erotic hypnosis (which is different from therapeutic hypnosis). Every subject has slightly different desires, true, but they are all looking for some form of escape. They don’t want realism—they get enough of that at the office. They want to believe (albeit temporarily) that an alluring witch is “casting a spell” over them or that a gorgeous stage hypnotist has bewitched them into becoming her “slave”. No one wants to run their fantasies through a tedious real world filter. So we give our mp3s titles like “Instant Hypnoslave”, “Hypnospell”, or “Addicted”, and this caters to your desire for an irresistible magic that instantly frees you from all your inhibitions and mundane responsibilities.

However, getting that deep, timeless, can’t-recall-any-of-the-session, hypnotic experience is rarely instant for most men. Now, don’t get Me wrong: I’m not saying that hypnosis isn’t real or that you’ll never experience a trance that feels “magical”. What I am saying is that achieving a level that feels “very deep” and/or that elicits amnesia or instant obedience to every single command, usually requires practice (and willingness, but that’s a different blog post). The more analytical you are (engineer? lawyer? doctor? architect? scientist?) and/or the more in control you are (law enforcement? military commander? CEO?) and/or the more afraid you are (married? superstitious? religious? spending someone else’s money?), the more practice it will probably take for you to be able to respond deeply, especially to erotic hypnosis. But this shouldn’t discourage you, because we’re talking about “practice” in the form of blissful hypnosis sessions, after all, and not hours spent straining at the gym.

This is the point that many who write to Me can’t seem to get: this is not a race. There is no finish line. This is a vacation. An adventure. Relax and start enjoying it now, don’t wait until you’ve reached some self-imposed level that you deem “working” or “real”. My hypnotic mp3s are a unique experience for almost everyone—so why would you rush through them? Savor them. Stop worrying that you’re “not doing it right” or that the hypnosis “isn’t working”. If you are sitting or lying down and listening to the entire session exclusively, without multitasking or forcing yourself to stay awake, you’re doing it right. Enjoy the relaxation. Focus on what is “working”. Notice how every session is a little bit different. If your mind starts to wander, gently bring it back to My voice. Or focus on your relaxed breathing. Or both.

Again: this is not a race and there is no finish line. It’s a new experience (hopefully, a fun, new experience). An exploratory journey. Like a new Wonderland in your mind. This isn’t the line to get to the ride, this IS the ride. You’re not on a deadline, and the park isn’t going to close at midnight. Get it?

What you don’t want to do: send Me an email detailing every minute “lack of response” that you have catalogued in your analytical mind; focus on the one or two times or minutes that you weren’t responding as fully as you think you should; decide that because you didn’t reach your fantasy depth the first time (or the second or third), that it’s impossible for you to ever do so; give up and stop sessioning; or rush ahead to a more advanced mp3, thinking that somehow it will be more effective, even though you’re not yet responding to the basic training program you started with.

What you do want to do (assuming you genuinely want to experience real, deep hypnosis): stick with the regimen I’ve outlined; start with the first training program and use this regularly (daily, if possible) until you are responding easily to most of the suggestions in the program (this could be two weeks or three or four—it doesn’t matter because it’s not a race, remember?); then move on to the next program in the series, don’t skip around; focus on what IS “working” and how good the sessions feel; enjoy your sessions and look forward to them as your blissful, relaxing, “escape time”.

In a future post, I’ll add more tips and suggestions for getting the most out of your hypnosis sessions. In the meantime, take a deep breath, let go of your expectations of time or responsiveness, and relinquish control of this process. It is, after all, about letting go, right?

Written By HypnosisGoddess | All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.

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