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This page contains FAQs specific to Me and My Realm. NF Order Support is handled through NF. For an introduction to this site, begin at the About page.

1. Why do I have to get “trained” before scheduling a phone session with you?
I am an extremely busy Hypnosis Goddess and My time is in great demand. These days, I grant very few live session appointments and do only those sessions that I genuinely enjoy and truly want to do. I have carefully designed and created a line of original, high-quality hypnosub training mp3s (and, yes, hypnosis via mp3 is just as effective as hypnosis via phone or in-person) and I require that everyone train with these before requesting a phone session. No, you don’t have to use My hypnosub mp3s, nor do you have to do a phone session with Me. Every product and service I offer is an entirely optional luxury and no one is forcing you to place an order. However, if your goal is to session with Me, you will have to obey the Rules of My Realm.

I have been offering Hypnotic Domination Phone Sessions for more than twenty years now. I am hardly a novice in this genre. When I first began, I used to log on to NiteFlirt (formerly Keen) nearly every night for anywhere from two to six hours at a time. Most of the sessions I crafted were exciting and satisfying for Me, as well as for My callers. Unfortunately, I also received many calls from males who—at best—were ignorant about true submission. They had no previous experience with femdom hypnosis (or submission) and, all too often, no real interest in becoming My hypnosubs; many of them didn’t even bother reading My page on NiteFlirt before phoning Me. They were simply looking for phone sex and/or a fantasy vending machine and I happened to be logged on at the time.

I quickly recognized that it is up to Me, the Dominant, to set My own limits and boundaries and to insist that those limits are observed. This adventure is supposed to be FUN!, for Me as well as for you. Why do it if it isn’t fun…?

2. Can I really go into hypnosis with mp3s? Do they really “work”?
Of course—why wouldn’t they work? Hypnosis is not about something that gets done to you—it’s about something that you allow yourself to experience. The hypnotist is a guide, not a puppeteer. This means that you really have about the same chance of going into hypnosis in almost any situation that you’re reasonably comfortable in—be it on stage, in a hypnotherapist’s office, or while relaxing in your easy chair at home. Most hypnotists use their voice and their spoken patter to lead their subjects into trance. Using a recorded audio program to enter trance is virtually the same as sitting next to a hypnotist and listening to them speak, especially once your eyes are closed (plus, with my mp3s, you also get some soothing music). Yes, a live session would be more interactive, more custom to your specific issues and better paced to your individual responses. However, you’d spend more money for an in-person session, would have to go somewhere else to experience it, and wouldn’t have the privacy and convenience that you enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Use in-person sessions when you have an issue that requires interactive work with a qualified hypnotherapist (or for a rare, special treat) and use recorded programs (mp3s or videos) for repetitive programming and conditioning, relaxation, entertainment, and for simpler, less interactive hypnosis sessions. It’s like the difference between meeting with a private exercise trainer and using store-bought workout videos at home. Why not make the best use of both? Use live phone sessions for adding extra oomph to your usual training, but also take advantage of the convenience and lower expense of prerecorded hypnosis programs on a more regular basis.

3. Do you offer femdom hypnosis sessions by phone? Do they really “work”?
First, see my answer to question #2 above (do hypnotic recordings really work?). Phone sessions certainly “work” and, yes, I offer these. The dynamic behind these is about the same as that of prerecorded hypnosis audio: you don’t have to be in the same room as the hypnotist in order to enter trance, you simply need to be able to hear their voice and follow their instructions. The upside of phone sessions is that you get a far more personalized and interactive experience (than in a recording), yet you’re still able to enjoy them in the privacy and comfort of your home (as opposed to going to a hypnotherapist’s office). The downside is that I grant very few appointments, phone sessions are more expensive than mp3s/cds, and few people could manage a phone session every day, even if I were available that often (and I’m not). My suggestion is that you do a session every day with one of My hypnosis recordings and view phone sessions as rare, special treats. A couple of tips for phone sessions: do some conditioning with recordings (mp3s) first, and get yourself a hands-free headset. (You’ll have a much easier time relaxing if you don’t have to hold a phone to your ear).

4. Will you hypnotize my wife or girlfriend? Will you hypnotize me to better serve My wife or girlfriend? Will you create a training program that my Mistress can use to train me?
I currently do not work with women or couples. I strongly dislike male-dom dynamics and I never hypnotize women to be submissive or subservient. I do not “switch”, nor do I enjoy subjects who “switch”. I am primarily interested in submissive males who desire to serve Me and that is what most of My programs are designed to facilitate. (Yes, you may begin to better serve your wife or girlfriend as a result of My training, but that is not My primary objective. My primary objective is that you serve Me and do it well.) However…as a result of the many, many requests I have received, I have developed a unique line of My superior hypnotic conditioning programs, especially for male subs who serve other Dominas. Information about those programs is on the Femdom Hypnosis For Couples page.

5. Do you do “feminization”? Do you work with “sissies”? Will you make me a program that will give me breasts and/or a body like a woman?
No. Unlike many professional Dominas, I do not enjoy feminized or “sissified” submissives. (No judgment, just not My thing.) I prefer intelligent, male submissives who dress like males and speak like males. Yes, I realize there’s a healthy market of those with a fetish to be feminized and I could capitalize on that market if I were willing to do anything for a buck. However, I also realize that participating in exchanges that I do not enjoy and which do not turn Me on is one of the fastest ways to burn Myself out on professional domination entirely—so I don’t do scenes or exchanges that I do not enjoy for any price. In My opinion, “feminization” (“cross-dressing”, “sissification”, and the like) is a fetish, like being attracted to feet or leather or boots; it is not synonymous with submission. There are many subs with no desire to be feminized and there are many sissies with no real desire to be submissives. (In fact, I have yet to meet a genuinely submissive sissy—they are usually waaay too into themselves and being dressed up and made up and played with and entertained to be of any real service. Truth.) *More in this blog post.

6. Will You make me a custom erotic hypnosis mp3 for my particular fetish/fantasy?
I am not currently offering custom mp3s—My schedule just doesn’t allow for it. Custom mp3s take Me just as much time (and sometimes more) as My “ready made” mp3s and I am only selling one copy of them (to the person who placed the order). Therefore, I have to charge hundreds of dollars for each of them and it is still not a profitable use of My time. (They’re very labor-intensive.) I’m also very particular about which topics I am willing to create programs for (I’ve gotten some rather bizarre requests). Plus, I find that writing an hypnosis script in which I have no room to express My own creativity (because the buyer has written a request for exactly what they want, point by point) saps My motivation. (In other words: B-O-R-I-N-G.) In the event that I decide to offer custom mp3s again, I will list them on NiteFlirt, along with instructions for ordering them. Please do not write and ask Me about your individual issue; if you don’t see custom mp3s listed, it means I don’t sell them.

Written By HypnosisGoddess | All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.

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