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Common Hypnodomme Archetypes

The following is an excerpt from my book, ‘Hypnodomme: Memoirs Of A Professional Hypnotic Dominatrix’. Buy it on Amazon now.

Among hypno-fetishists who prefer some version of being “Dominated”, “bewitched”, “overpowered”, “brainwashed”, and so on, I discovered certain recurring scenarios. These lead me to identify what I call the “Common Hypnodomme Archetypes”. I’ll explain them here…

The Sexy Stage Hypnotist
This is an alluring stage performer who hypnotizes volunteers during her shows. Afterward, she discreetly takes a particularly suggestible male backstage to her dressing room, where she secretly implants suggestions that make him her slave. She may call him back to her with a “trigger phrase” whenever she is back in town or get his number so she can phone in post-hypnotic triggers. She may give him hypnotic commands that make him a more attentive lover and/or more helpful husband. The Sexy Stage Hypnotist likes to toy with men, and it amuses her how easily she captures hypnoslaves.

The Covert Hypnotherapist
This is similar to the stage hypnotist fantasy. In this scenario, the woman is an attractive, professional hypnotherapist who ostensibly is just helping her male subject to quit smoking or improve his golf game. The session begins the way he expects; then, once she has him in a deep level of trance, she swiftly changes tack and makes him her unwitting sex and/or shopping slave. Of course, she doesn’t captivate every male who makes an appointment; just the ones she finds most attractive. (Many male fantasies include being “chosen” and/or “chased” or “captured” by an extremely attractive woman who could have almost any man.)

The Witch or Enchantress
This is an hypnotic woman who uses some kind of magic to entrance and bewitch her potential slaves. Her magic might come from her irresistible voice, a sparkling crystal she wears as a necklace or ring, her powerful gaze, a drug or potion she slips her prey, or some other kind of spell she weaves. She may look “goth” and have dark hair and/or long, dark fingernails. She could live in a castle or in the house next door. Part of the allure of this fantasy is the “magic” which, like hypnosis, alleviates all personal responsibility for the results. (You could call this the “Magic Made Me Do It” defense, which is even more convincing than the “It Wasn’t My Fault, I Was Hypnotized” excuse.)

The Princess or Spoiled Brat
Usually a younger female (who claims to be 18 to 20-something), who is beautiful and sexy, The Princess wraps men around her little finger and then callously takes what she wants from them. She may find it amusing to turn them into her “sissy-bot” or “cuckold”. She may make them her “pay-pig” or “shopping slave”. (More on financial domination later.) She may run an “ignore line” on a call service, where she charges men by the minute to ignore them while she paints her nails or chats with a girlfriend on her cell. (Some men love this!) The Princess knows she is irresistible, and she thinks it’s hilarious to exploit a man’s weakness for her.

The Queen Bee or Sexy CEO
The Queen Bee or CEO is usually a classy, confident, mature woman. (Who, of course, wears black stilettos, tight pencil skirts, and low-cut blouses to her penthouse office.) This fantasy could be about a female boss, a chance encounter with a business woman while out of town, or some other similar scenario. The Sexy CEO is powerful, alluring and highly intelligent. One minute Mr. Businessman is confidently flirting away, and the next, she has smoothly turned the tables and taken control. Maybe she “forces” him to cheat on his wife or to divulge company secrets, or perhaps she hires him away from his exec job and makes him one of her office toys. (See Christine Lahti in the ‘Queen Bee’ episode of ‘Ally McBeal’.)

The Goddess or Queen
Another beautiful and sexually irresistible woman (of course), this archetype tends to be softer but more distant than the others. A Goddess doesn’t yell, brandish a whip or call men “pigs”, but she always gets her way, nonetheless. Goddesses inspire men to appreciate and adore them. Goddesses and Queens are worshipped from afar; men lay gifts at their feet (and learn not to expect anything in return). A Goddess collects many submissive acolytes who all serve and adore Her and patiently await Her (very occasional) acknowledgment. In some ways, a Goddess, Queen Bee, and/or Cuckoldress are similar in that their subs must recognize that they are merely one of many. (See Sharon Stone in ‘The Muse’, when she tosses his gift into the pile and/or delivers her shopping list.)

The Dominatrix
This is straight-up exactly what everyone pictures when they hear the word. The Dominatrix may work at a dungeon. She may be dressed all in black leather or latex, with thigh-high boots or black stiletto pumps. She may wave about a scary whip or wrap a collar around her male sub’s neck (in the fantasy). In the hypno-fetish genre, it’s usually all about “sensation play” and not about real pain, but some men do fantasize about bondage. (And a feeling of bondage can be created within an erotic hypnosis session.) Fantasies about being turned into “a pet” or “puppy” and being collared and put on a leash may also fall under this archetype. (See the character ‘Lady Heather’ in multiple episodes of ‘CSI’.)

The EFH or Evil Female Hypnotist
This is a version of any of the above archetypes who is especially wicked. The EFH is relentless and has almost no limits. She will ask for more and push harder than any other Domina. She is cunning, greedy, and completely self-serving. In my experience, very few hypno-fetishists have EFH fantasies. (I’ll tell you about one in a future chapter.) The EFH is a fantasy about the thrill of danger and pushing one’s limits. Like psychological “knife play”, it is the hypnosis genre’s version of “hardcore” or “edge-players”. (See Linda Fiorentino in ‘The Last Seduction’.)

The Scientist
This fantasy is less common than the other archetypes, but it came up enough times to make note of it. In this scenario, “The Scientist” is—you guessed it!—a highly attractive, intelligent, authoritative woman. She may be a doctor. She is probably wearing a lab coat (that doesn’t quite cover her ample cleavage or short skirt) and carrying a clipboard. The subject has volunteered for an experiment (or is being examined by a “specialist”). During this procedure, he is placed in a reclining chair and some kind of electrodes are attached to his head. He is then put into hypnosis, either by the voice of the scientist or via magic rays that beam from the electrodes. Once in a deep trance, his brain is “reprogrammed”, and commands are embedded that make him the slave of The Scientist. Once he awakens, he probably won’t recall the session at all, but the irresistible triggers will remain, waiting to be activated at any time. (Perhaps via a phone call from The Scientist.)

Get my book 'Hypnodomme' on Amazon Now!

Get My Book ‘Hypnodomme’ On Amazon Now

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